Donovan McNabb to be a Raider soon?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that “all the ingredients” for a trade are in place between the Eagles and Raiders involving quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Of all the teams the Eagles have spoken with, the Raiders have been the most willing to meet the Eagles’ asking price. Last week, The Associated Press reported that the Eagles want a pick in the top 42 of the 2010 draft for McNabb. Oakland has a second-round pick that is the 39th overall selection.

Also, the sources say McNabb’s contract, which has one year and $11.2 million left on it, has scared off other teams. But, the sources say, Oakland is not concerned that McNabb is due a $6.2 million roster bonus on May 5 nor that the quarterback is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2010 season.

There also are connections between the Raiders and McNabb. Raiders owner Al Davis and McNabb each went to Syracuse, and Oakland’s new offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, is a distant cousin of McNabb’s.

I’m a huge supporter of McNabb and I think on the right team, he’s a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. For whatever reason the Eagles have failed to live up to expectations with him under center, but I’m not one of those that believes McNabb deserves most of the blame for their postseason struggles. He’s a good quarterback and while he’s not a miracle worker, he can lift a team with his play.

That said, this would be another unnecessary move in a history of unnecessary moves by owner Al Davis. The Raiders are several quality pieces away from becoming a playoff contender, so it doesn’t make sense for them to give up a second round pick and $11.2 million to have McNabb on their roster for one year. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt he would sign an extension to stay in Oakland given that his career is winding down. Chances are, he’d jet as soon as his contract expires at the end of the 2010 season.

I applaud teams that take initiative when it comes to acquiring talent in order to build a competitive roster. But this move makes little sense for the Raiders outside of the fact that they need a quarterback. I’m not suggesting that they would be better off with JaMarcus Russell or Bruce Gradkowski. But I am saying that this would eventually be a fruitless trade for them (outside of maybe selling more tickets) given McNabb’s contract situation and desire to sign with a contender after 2010. Long-term it doesn’t make any sense and the bottom line is that the Raiders just aren’t one Donovan McNabb away from competing.

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Asomugha for McNabb deal a possibility?

It’s a Donovan McNabb Friday here at TSR.

ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli confirms that the Raiders would be willing to part with cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in a trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb, although the Eagles are reluctant. This news comes via Adam Schefter’s Twitter page, so there aren’t any other details outside of that.

One would have to imagine that the reason the Eagles are reluctant is because of the video game-like contract Al Davis signed Asomugha for in February of 2009. The cornerback is due $16 million in 2010 with an option year in 2011 available for either $16.9 million or the franchise tag number for quarterbacks, whichever amount is greater. So while Philly might have dreams of Asomugha lining up across from Asante Samuel dancing in their heads, they know taking on a contract like that would bury them. Especially considering Kevin Kolb needs a new deal soon, too.

Schefter also reports that Kolb is fully expected to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback in 2010 and that McNabb will be on another team’s roster by the time his $6.2 million roster bonus is due on May 5. The Bills, Rams and Raiders are viewed as the teams most interested in McNabb, but I would have to believe that signing McNabb to a contract extension would be a major sticking point in any trade.

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McNabb to the Vikings? Don’t count on it being this year.

Thanks to Andy Reid’s admission that the Eagles are at least entertaining trade discussions with other teams about all three of their quarterbacks, Donovan McNabb has become a hot topic over the last 24 hours. (And more specifically, where McNabb could wind up if he is traded.)

The latest buzz comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which notes that the Vikings are atop McNabb’s trade wish list if things don’t work out in Philadelphia. Minnesota makes sense given that McNabb once played under head coach Brad Childress and is therefore familiar with the Vikings’ West Coast Offense. They’re also a contender, which is what McNabb wants to join if he is dealt.

But there’s a simple reason why McNabb won’t be a Viking in 2010: Brett Favre.

All right, so I don’t know for a fact that Brett is coming back. But the lack of buzz surrounding his decision this year is an indication (to me anyway) that he does plan to return. And the fact that Childress has said on multiple occasions that Favre can take his time with the decision is another indication that Brett is indeed coming back, but only on his terms (i.e. he’d rather crawl through a pit of used paper diapers then go to training camp). It seems to me that if Childress didn’t know whether or not Favre would return, he would be more unsettled in his comments to the media. After all, this is the same man that went through hell and high water to insure that the 40-year-old QB would play last season. So I’m not buying his newfound calmness.

McNabb seems like more of a fit for the Vikings in 2011. Even if he is traded this offseason, there’s no guarantee that he’ll sign a contract extension with whichever team he winds up with. Therefore, if he wants to play for Minnesota next year, he could sign a free agent contract with them in the offseason.

But as far as 2010 is concerned, I highly doubt we’ll see McNabb suiting up for the purple and white.

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Eagles want a top 42 pick for McNabb is reporting that the Eagles are willing to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb, but only for a top 42 pick.

After months of saying McNabb would return for another year, Eagles coach Andy Reid acknowledged Wednesday he was listening to offers for McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick.

Oakland, Buffalo and St. Louis are considered to be most interested in McNabb. Each team has two picks in the top 42.

It’s unlikely any of those teams would give up a first-round pick for McNabb. The Rams have the first overall selection, the Raiders pick eighth and the Bills are ninth. In the second round, however, the Rams have the 33rd pick, Raiders are 39th and Bills are 41st.

A rumored deal that would’ve sent McNabb to St. Louis for the 33rd pick and safety Oshiomoghe Atogwe was strongly denied by several Rams officials, including coach Steve Spagnuolo.

Outside of needing a quarterback, none of the three teams mentioned above make sense as a suitor for McNabb. Even if the Eagles were to accept a second round pick from the Raiders, Bills or Rams, what makes any of those teams believe that McNabb would be the missing link between them being the doormats in the league and a playoff contender?

Not to mention, McNabb’s contract expires at the end of the year. So unless whatever team acquires him can convince him to sign an extension, he’ll be on lease for one season. Is that worth giving up a second round pick? If said team can sign him to an extension then my opinion changes a bit, but it still doesn’t make a ton of sense for the Raiders, Bills or Rams to take a flier on McNabb when he clearly won’t be a long-term solution.

Either way, if the source in the report is telling the truth, then maybe the Kevin Kolb era in Philadelphia is going to get kicked off sooner rather than later.

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Donovan McNabb to Rams? Trade rumor debunked.

Earlier today, Andy Reid admitted that teams are entertaining the Eagles with offers for all three of their quarterbacks and not soon after, the Internet rumor mill went into hyper mode as people dreamed up possibly landing spots for Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and/or Michael Vick.

The least juiciest rumor comes from Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who writes that there is little-to-no market for Vick as a starting quarterback. Apparently even teams like the Rams and Bills aren’t interested in him, even if the Eagles would be willing to back off their ridiculous demands of a second-round pick. If Philly does put him back on the market, it may have to take a mid-round selection and the team acquiring Vick would also get to punch one member of the Eagles’ front office staff for even having the notion that they could get a second-rounder in return for the QB.

The more intriguing rumors started developing earlier this afternoon as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the Browns are not among the teams entertaining trade proposals for McNabb. The Philadelphia Daily News then reported that Reid and McNabb haven’t spoken in months and that the team lowered its asking price from two-first round picks and a third, to only a second-rounder.

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