Blogging the Bloggers: Preakness rethinks the infield, Dirk’s fiancee and more

– With the Preakness’s decision to restrict alcohol in the infield, STEADY BURN fondly remembers the good ol’ days of the Terrorlawn.

20 SECOND TIMEOUT provides a nice breakdown of the All-NBA voting.

SPORTSbyBROOKS informs us that USC head coach allegedly gave $1,000 to one of O.J. Mayo’s handlers after Mayo signed his letter of intent as a high school senior.

DEADSPIN has a few quotes from former NFL-er Tony Banks, who says he used to date Dirk Nowitzki’s girlfriend/fiancee.

THE LOVE OF SPORTS lists 10 Guys You Love to Hate, and it’s a good one.

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Blogging the Bloggers: Favre to Vikes, Yao’s toughness and more

– Methinks Brett Favre is getting kind of a raw deal this offseason. His potential return is all speculation, yet there are a lot of people telling him to go away (when he’s already gone away). Anyway, according to VIKINGS GAB, Favre told Trent Dilfer via text message that he is not coming out of retirement again.

– Forget what I said about #4 getting a raw deal. DEADSPIN is reporting that he and Vikings head coach Brad Childress are going to meet at an “undisclosed location” to discuss Favre’s status. So much for his desire to “retire a Packer.”

FIVE TOOL TOOL gives props to Yao Ming for fighting off knee pain to help the Rockets close out the Lakers in Game 1 last night.

NBA TIPOFF explains what’s going on with Ron Artest’s mohawk.

SPORTSbyBROOKS has the dirt on the budding feud between ESPN’s Jon Barry and Atlanta head coach Mike Woodson. Does anyone care? For the record, I agree that for a seven-game series, that Hawks/Heat tilt was pretty dreadful.

Blogging the Bloggers: Erin Andrews’ workout partner, A-Rod, Artest’s idea of humor and more

BUSTED COVERAGE informs us that NBA TV beauty Melanie Collins goes to the same gym as Erin Andrews. Good God. Where do we sign up?

– Speaking of Erin, SPORTSbyBROOKS says the engagement ring she’s wearing is “for show.” Though if it’s meant to ward off unwanted advances, why tell everyone its true purpose?

LARRY BROWN SPORTS found a quote from Sixers guard Andre Miller where he says that one of the Magic players said that they were a better team without Dwight Howard. I wonder if it was Howard’s backup, Marcin Gortat…

DEADSPIN has video of Ron Artest joking about his history of going into the stands and trying to beat up fans that throw beer on him.

TONYBLOGS wonders why the media is yawning about the allegations that A-Rod has used steroids since high school.

Blogging the Bloggers: Kobe vs. Spike Lee, Stephen A. Smith and more

SPORTSbyBROOKS reveals that Spike Lee’s documentary about Kobe almost didn’t happen because KB24 demanded full creative control. (Keep in mind, this is a story from the NY Post’s Page Six, where facts are optional.)

THE NY POST’s Phil Mushnick says Stephen A. Smith makes it impossible to feel sorry for him.

THE BIG LEAD says that Mike Mayock had the best mock draft, and has the numbers to prove it.

SCACCHOOPS has an update on top high school basketball prospect John Wall, and the current state of his decision process.

DEADSPIN has video of the worst chest-bump in the world. They also have video of Ben Gordon “celebrating” after hitting a game-saving three against the Celtics.

Blogging the Bloggers: Finley’s three, poorly-dressed golfers and more

DEADSPIN has the details about a Chicago White Sox fan who is suing the team because of an injury sustained while one of the lovely ladies of the Chevrolet Pride Crew shot free t-shirts into the crowd.

– Henry Abbott of TRUEHOOP discusses what would have happened had Michael Finley’s game-winning three (over the Kings) not counted.

DOGS THAT CHASE CARS has pictures of the three worst-dressed golfers at Sunday’s Masters.

SPORTSBYBROOKS brings us the story of Ashok Varadhan, the former team manager for the Duke Blue Devils who is now making millions at Goldman Sachs.

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