Quinn or Anderson to be gone this summer?

As Mike Holmgren enters his first offseason with the Browns, one of his biggest question marks is what to do at quarterback. With the way head coach Eric Mangini couldn’t make a decision regarding the position last year, Holmgren will have to decide whether or not to get rid of Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson, if not both and completely start over under center next year.

Holmgren recently spoke about the topic on WKNR earlier this week:

“Right now, I don’t know the situation quite well enough. I’ve been busy doing other things. Everyone knows that position is the most important position on a team. Is the quarterback of the Browns here already? Maybe. If not, then we’ll have to go free agency or draft. We’ll see.”

That doesn’t sound like a man that’s settled on any decision, making the quarterback position an interesting dilemma this offseason for Holmgren and the Browns.

Quinn was an utter disaster earlier in the year before Mangini replaced him with Anderson. But the unthinkable happened and Anderson was actually worse than Quinn was, forcing Mangini to once again start the first round pick.

Much like the entire team, Quinn played better down the stretch and actually looked like he started to gain confidence. But for the second time in two years, Quinn finished the season on IR after he suffered a season-ending foot injury in a win over the Chiefs late in the year.

Holmgren is making a wise decision by not committing to either quarterback, seeing as how neither of them have stepped up and grabbed the reins of the position. Chances are that Holmgren doesn’t view either of them as the long-term answer at quarterback and therefore, he might look to draft or acquire a signal caller this offseason. If he drafts a QB, he could part with either Quinn or Anderson and have the other one start until the rookie is ready to play.

We’ll see how Holmgren approaches this topic over the next couple months.

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Report: Browns to keep Eric Mangini

According to ESPN.com, the Browns will retain head coach Eric Mangini and his entire coaching staff in 2010.

Mangini went 5-11 in his first season with the Browns, who finished with a four-game winning streak.

On Tuesday, his first day running the Browns, Holmgren said Mangini had a legitimate shot of returning for a second season in Cleveland.

Holmgren is also interviewing general manager candidates this week. On Wednesday, Eagles GM Tom Heckert visited the Browns. Per league rules, Heckert could not be hired by Cleveland until Philadelphia completes its season.

While it’s hard to argue with Holmgren’s decision based on how the Browns finished the season, this could potentially be a disaster in the making. The Browns looked completely befuddled under Mangini’s guidance for most of the season and three of their four wins at the end of the year came against the Chiefs, Raiders and struggling Jaguars.

That said, the Browns did improve defensively under Mangini and the emergence of running back Jerome Harrison offers hope for the offense heading into next season. Mangini didn’t handle his quarterback situation very well earlier in the year, but Brady Quinn did show promise before injuring himself in Week 15.

Chances are that Mangini will be on a short leash next year. Holmgren might not be expecting a playoff appearance, but if the team doesn’t show marked improvement n 2010 then Mangini could be on his way out this time next year.

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Mike Holmgren declines offer from Seahawks

ESPN.com is reporting that Mike Holmgren has declined the Seahawks’ offer for a senior leadership position.

“I sincerely thank Paul Allen and Tod for all their support over the years,” Holmgren said in a statement. “I thank them for reaching out to me and we conclude these discussions as friends.”

Holmgren has also been interested in joining the Cleveland Browns. He spent two days meeting with Browns owner Randy Lerner earlier this week.

Holmgren said on his radio show in Seattle on Friday that he planned to give Lerner an answer “sooner than later” but added there was no definite timetable. It may have accelerated after he declined an offer to rejoin the Seahawks.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for anybody,” Holmgren said of his visit to Cleveland. “It’s about as good a job situation as you could ask for in this business.”

One would think that Holmgren either wants a bigger role, more money or more power. If that’s the case, he’s going to get those three things in Cleveland, which probably means he has made up his mind to join the Browns.

Why don’t the Seahawks want Holmgren back?

In the past couple days, it has been easy to get swept up in the Mike Holmgren-to-Cleveland rumors. But there’s one thing that has had me perplexed about the situation since the story broke: Why don’t the Seahawks want him back? After all, they do need a GM now that Tim Ruskell has decided to resign and Holmgren did lead the Seahawks to the Super Bowl a couple years back.

So why wouldn’t the Hawks be tripping over themselves to retain Holmgren as their GM? The Seattle Times may have the answer:

The Seahawks need Holmgren.

There are, however, people close to owner Paul Allen who are reluctant to bring him back. There are people — just a few people — who had skirmishes with Holmgren in his previous incarnation as president and coach.

There are people in the organization who, wrongly, believe Holmgren has campaigned for this job and are offended by that perceived behavior.

If this is the result of just a few front office people that don’t want Holmgren in Seattle, then the Seahawks are making a mistake. Not everyone in every office setting will get along all the time. And unless Holmgren was walking around punching babies, then I don’t see what he could have done that was so bad that several people don’t want him back so he can help rebuild the Seahawks’ roster.

But alas, if the Seahawks do allow him to go to Cleveland without putting up much of a fight, they might look back at this situation one day and think what a huge mistake it was.

Campbell to demand trade if Redskins draft QB

According to NFL.com, quarterback Jason Campbell says he’ll demand a trade if the Redskins draft a quarterback at this weekend’s NFL draft.

Even though the article doesn’t specify, I’m sure Campbell means he’ll demand a trade if Washington selects a quarterback in the first round. I highly doubt Campbell would be upset if he was watching the draft this weekend and at the bottom ticker it read: Round 6, Pick 186 Washington Redskins: Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech.

Personally, I don’t blame Campbell for demanding a trade if the Skins take USC Mark Sanchez at No. 13 or better yet, trade up to get him. Daniel Snyder has put Campbell through the ringer this entire offseason by attempting to trade for Jay Cutler and then talking with free agent Byron Leftwich (now with the Bucs). Snyder has shown little support for Campbell over the past month and things appear to be coming to a head this week as the draft approaches.

The Washington Times speculates that if the Skins trade up to get Sanchez, they have a trade partner for Campbell in the Jets. That scenario certainly makes sense, but it would obviously be contingent on whether or not Washington could land Sanchez, which might be hard given that Seattle could be interested in him at No. 4.

Another scenario to keep an eye on is what the Browns do with Brady Quinn. If Seattle passes on Sanchez and Cleveland loves him at No. 5, the Browns could send Quinn to Washington and then the Redskins could trade Campbell to the Jets. But at this point, that’s way too much speculation and while it’s fun to talk about all of the scenarios, fans are usually left disappointed at the lack of big trades that occur on draft day.

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