Brandon Marshall tries to make political statement during game

Brandon Marshall explains his attempt to make a political statement in support of Barack Obama during the Broncos’ 34-30 win over the Browns on NFL Network Thursday night.

One blogger at sums up the situation pretty well:

Well done on Stokely’s part, showing the awareness and intelligence that Marshall seemed to completely disregard in his zeal to play politics during a football game. Celebrating Barack Obama’s victory is something that can be done on one’s own time, and probably shouldn’t be something that is planned on the company’s dime. I’m not sure why anyone would feel that it’s ok for athletes to make these sorts of political statements when they are “at work,” but I’m sure if anyone in a normal job were to celebrate election results at work in a way that could potentially damage the company, it would result in punitive action.

Is there a reason that athletes feel the need to abuse the public stage to express political views? I’m certainly not suggesting they be censored, but I do believe a certain amount of discretion should be considered, and I’m not sure that I see that in sports today.

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