Blogging the Bloggers: Boycotting Rush, BBC announcers, Braylon and more

DEADSPIN wonders if black players will refuse to play for Rush Limbaugh.

BALL DON’T LIE has a funny video of the clueless BBC announcers as they try to call a recent Bulls/Jazz game in London.

SPORTSBYBROOKS details the downfall of Rumeal Robinson, which can be summed up in one word: strippers.

NO GUTS, NO GLORY reports that Browns players are upset about the Braylon Edwards trade.

MR. IRRELEVANT comments on the Clinton Portis/Mike Sellers feud. It’s a bad sign when a tailback is fighting with his fullback.

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WKNR staffer questioned about Edwards incident


WKNR staffer questioned: Sabrina Parr, a contributor to WKNR AM/850, is being questioned by police after giving her eyewitness account of the Edwards incident outside The View Wednesday morning on the station’s morning show with Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer.

“I’ve just been told it’s a police matter and they’re investigating further,” said station general manager Keith Williams.

Parr, who has discussed on air her on-off relationship with cornerback Brandon McDonald, said she saw Edwards punch Edward Givens after the bar closed. She said Edwards eavesdropped on Givens’ conversation with someone about James, and that he went over voluntarily and began telling Givens he would be nothing without James.

She said Edwards’ agent tried to get him in his car to leave. Instead, Edwards punched Givens.

Parr said she talked to Edwards earlier in the evening at the club and that he said disparaging things about the coaching staff and the quarterbacks. She said Edwards said he had no room for improvement and didn’t take any blame for his drops. She said she got into a disagreement with him about his views of how he was playing. Parr was the first eyewitness of the event to go on record.

All right, so let me get this straight — Ms. Parr (who is/was dating Brandon McDonald) argued with Edwards inside a bar about whether or not he was to blame for his drops. Then, after the bar closed, she saw Edwards go over to LeBron’s friend (Givens) and tell him he’d be nothing without LeBron. Then she claims she saw Edwards punch Givens.

All due respect to Ms. Parr, but I’ve been outside my fair share of bars at closing time and no one’s word should be trusted implicitly. If she’s admitting to arguing with Edwards inside the bar about his play, then it would appear that her eyewitness account outside of the bar could be called into question.

One thing is for sure — Braylon Edwards has to be happy to be out of Cleveland. He’s playing for a much better team and has an up-and-coming quarterback to work with. He is out of excuses. If he doesn’t make it with the Jets, then he’s probably a lost cause.

Reasons why Browns traded Edwards

Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer lists some of the many reasons why the Browns eventually decided to trade troubled receiver Braylon Edwards.

I do it because my team is 0-4 with Edwards, whose 10 catches are actually one fewer than what Stuckey has with the Jets. I do it because when the Browns tried to deal Edwards around the draft, the highest pick they could receive was a third-rounder along with some journeymen veterans.

I do it because Edwards never wanted to play here — he was hoping to be the No. 2 pick in the 2005 draft to Miami. Instead, he went No. 3 to the Browns. And then he believed Browns fans soured on him because he played for Michigan — as if dropping more passes than any NFL receiver over the last two seasons had nothing to do with that discontent.

I do it because Edwards too often ran the wrong pass patterns, making his quarterbacks look bad by throwing to the wrong spots. And because Edwards spent much of Sunday’s 23-20 overtime loss to Cincinnati talking into the ear of quarterback Derek Anderson. He wanted the ball thrown in his direction when the coaches were calling plays to deliver the ball to rookie receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, who was in the process of catching eight passes.

I do it because Edwards seemed far more upset about not catching a pass in a game for the first time in his five-year career then the team losing a game they could have won.

I do it knowing that some people won’t like the trade, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. For the Browns, Edwards has been durable in terms of playing on Sunday and practicing, but unreliable in so many other areas — and he is no longer worth the trouble to me or the Browns.

To read Pluto’s entire column, click here.

It’s always easier to say this after the fact, but Edwards should have never been a top 5 pick to begin with. Too many times while at Michigan he would let the ball get into his pads and not catch it with his hands. So his problems with drops aren’t surprising and when you factor in his lackluster work ethic, you get a guy who wastes a lot of natural athletic ability.

Pluto hit the nail on the head several times throughout his piece, but none more then when he writes that Edwards just didn’t want to be a Brown. He was disappointed from the start and his attitude only continued to sour as his play flat lined. With a fresh start, maybe he can turn his career around in New York.

Fantasy Quick-Hitters: Westy, Eli, Braylon and more

Westbrook and McNabb to play. It looks like LeSean McCoy will eat into Westy’s touches, but he’s still a very good start against the Bucs’ sketchy defense. This should also be an upgrade for DeSean Jackson and even David Akers, who should see more opportunities now that McNabb is back under center.

Eli Manning sits out of practice. He’s looking like a game-time decision for Sunday. The good news is that he can’t make his foot worse by playing on it — it’s all about what kind of tolerance he has for the pain. I’d expect Manning to continue with the great season he’s having since mobility isn’t one of his strengths in the first place.

Giants want to involve Hakeem Nicks. On three targets, Nicks caught one pass for 54 yards and a TD in Week 4, while Mario Manningham went 1-43 on eight targets. Manningham is currently getting the lion’s share of looks, but he didn’t convert very well on Sunday. His conversion rate is now down to 56%, which is just mediocre. Nicks’ rate (43%) is even worse, but the Giants still want to get him involved in the offense. The only safe start for the Giants right now is Steve Smith.

Roy Williams (ribs) did not participate in practice on Wednesday. This an upgrade for the rest of the Cowboys’ receiving corps, and now Patrick Crayton looks like a decent start in most leagues while Sam Hurd becomes a sleeper with Williams sidelined. This hurts Tony Romo since he’ll have one fewer weapon to utilize, but he shouldn’t have trouble posting a nice fantasy line against the Chiefs. Keep an eye on Williams this week.

Braylon Edwards to start Monday night. You’d think they’d bring him around slowly, but the Jets don’t have a lot of options at WR now that Chansi Stuckey is gone. They’re going to take their new toy out for a spin. Will Braylon suddenly discover where his hands have been hiding the last year and a half? Only time will tell.

Browns trade Braylon Edwards to Jets’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jets have acquired receiver Braylon Edwards in exchange for wideout Chansi Stuckey, linebacker Jason Trusnick and two draft picks believed to be third and fifth rounders.

This is an interesting move for both sides. Because of Edwards’ recent off-field incident, his trade value was never lower, so the Jets jumped on the opportunity to acquire him even though he could inevitably be suspended. If he isn’t suspended and he winds up turning his career around with a this fresh start in New York, then the Jets accomplish their goal of adding a No. 1 (caliber) receiver for rookie QB Mark Sanchez.

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