Blogging the Bloggers: Favre in Lambeau, Childress in drag and more

SHUTDOWN CORNER passes along a Milwaukee sportswriter’s suggestion that Packer fans show their distaste for Brett Favre not by booing him, but by being completely silent when his name is announced. I like it.

SPORTSbyBROOKS has photos of Vikings coach Brad Childress dressed up as a (female) flight attendant. I’m not sure that this is the way to keep the respect of your players.

– Over on ESPN, Geoff LaTulippe discusses what it’s like being a hard luck sports fan in Cleveland.

– Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach dislikes his players’ “fat little girlfriends.” Seriously. WITH LEATHER has the video.

GAWKER has excerpts from an interview with a ticket scalper broker they found via Craigslist.

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Blogging the Bloggers: NBA cheerleaders, desperate Phillies fans, Rick Reilly and more

BLEACHER REPORT ranks the hottest cheerleader for each NBA team.

RED’S ARMY has the details of how Glen “Big Baby” Davis broke his hand. The site also reports that Celtics ownership might suspend him.

PHILLYBURBS has the story of a Phillies fan so desperate to get tickets to the World Series that she was willing to trade sexual favors. It’s a shocker that this didn’t end well.

DEADSPIN describes how Antoine Walker burned through more than $55 million in his career. Sigh.

SPORTSbyBROOKS discusses how a movie adapted from one of Rick Reilly’s books might save the world. Not really.

Blogging the Bloggers: Ranking the NBA dance teams, Deadspin vs. ESPN, classy Phillies fans and more on Magic/Isiah

BLAZE OF LOVE ranks 28 of the 30 NBA dance teams in order of…well…I don’t know. Personality?

SPORTSbyBROOKS discusses Deadspin’s budding feud with ESPN. If you read this and don’t have any idea what’s going on, read this and this. Then take a shower to make yourself feel clean again.

NEXTROUND has video of a Phillies fan air humping a (very hot) local TV reporter. Classy.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD doesn’t like the way that Magic Johnson went about criticizing Isiah Thomas. Don’t know what I’m referring to? Click here.

Blogging the Bloggers: Steve Phillips’s mistress, BCS fall guy, Jerry Buss at a brothel, and more

DEADSPIN details how ESPN suspended Steve Phillips after an affair with a young co-worker came to light. THE PRODUCERS BLOG has pictures of the young lady in question. Um, what was he thinking?

NO GUTS, NO GLORY reports that the BCS is considering hiring a point person that would be the public face of the BCS. That job sounds like fun.

SPORTZ ASSASSIN argues that the NFL should expand instant replay to pass interference calls, which is not a bad idea.

SHUTDOWN CORNER has video of Jeff Fisher’s decision to wear a Peyton Manning jersey to a speaking engagement in Nashville. How did that go over with the Titan faithful?

SPORTSbyBROOKS discusses Laker owner Jerry Buss’s reputed involvement with the Bunny Ranch (brothel).

Blogging the Bloggers: Berrian’s TweetPhoto accident, benching Terrelle, drunken Jeff Reed and Brad Childress’s headset

DEADSPIN says that Bernard Berrian is in some hot water after a picture of a naked woman in a shower *accidentally* popped up on his TweetPhoto page. Oops.

CLEVELAND SCORES says it’s time for the Buckeyes to bench Terrelle Pryor.

EAST COAST BIAS says that Brad Childress is a headset hottie.

SPORTSbyBROOKS details how Jeff Reed got nailed for public drunkenness after nailing a couple of field goals on Sunday. No confirmation about whether or not he was standing on a roof yelling, “I am a golden god!”

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