Blogging the Bloggers: USA Hockey, NFL Combine, Bill Simmons and more

After USA’s win over Canada in hockey, RUMORS AND RANTS asks, “Hey Canada, How Does That Feel?”

– DRAFT ACE lists 10 players who should shine at the NFL combine.

– In light of USA’s upset over Canada, COLD HARD FOOTBALL FACTS lists 10 days that shook the sports world.

– PRO FOOTBALL TALK says that Julius Peppers’ lack of passion makes him a big free agent risk.

– SPORTSbyBROOKS says that Bill Simmons took a shot at Rick Reilly over the Tiger Woods’ statement.

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Blogging the Bloggers: Kaeding, McGwire and Twitter

– KISSING SUZY KOLBER has a great post comparing Nate Kaeding’s blank stare to that of the cupcake dog. Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s worth a look.

– SPORTSbyBROOKS lists a few sports personalities that should be tweeting.

– JAKE’S TAKE ON SPORTS analyzes what Pac-10 football coaches might be thinking.

– JOE SPORTS FAN laments that, according to Mark McGwire, we only had a week to talk about the past. His past, anyway.

Blogging the Bloggers: Marv, Favre and more

THE SPORTRESS OF BLOGITUDE (I have to say, I like that name) has the details of a Marv Albert/50 Cent scuffle that happened backstage at a recent taping of “Jimmy Kimmel.”

THE SPORTING BLOG reports that detainees at the Wisconsin National Guard camp over in Iraq are using Brett Favre’s shenanigans against the soldiers.

BLACK SPORTS ONLINE wonders if anyone cares about the concussion problem in the NFL.

SHUTDOWN CORNER discusses the Jay Cutler and Lovie Smith’s decision not to sit down for an interview with Bob Costas in advance of the team’s Sunday night game against the Eagles.

RUMORS & RANTS lists some of the worst calls of all time.

Blogging the Bloggers: Magic’s response, Bradshaw’s guarantee and more

THE DAGGER has video of Miami coach Charlie Coles dismantling a reporter who asked a dumb question.

HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS has audio of Magic Johnson responding to Isiah Thomas (who responded to Magic Johnson’s book).

AWFUL ANNOUNCING has video of Terry Bradshaw guaranteeing a Steeler win over the Bengals on Sunday. Oops.

GUYISM has video of a little girl scoring a goal on her own team in a junior soccer league. It is kind of funny.

SPORTSbyBROOKS wonders if Jerry Jones looks a little tipsy in a recent photo.

DEADSPIN has more details about ESPN horndoggery.

Blogging the Bloggers: Kareem, Kobe, LJ and more

SPORTSbyBROOKS has the details about Kareem’s admission that he is fighting leukemia.

BALL DON’T LIE has video of Kobe Bryant’s appearance on Lopez Live.

THE BIG LEAD says that “The Broncos Are Who We Thought They Were.”

MONDESI’S HOUSE is skeptical about Larry Johnson’s desire to join the Pittsburgh Steelers. Good luck with that, Larry.

THE 700 LEVEL discusses Mike Vick’s preference not to be a ‘Wildcat guy.’

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