What Factors Will Change Betting Odds?


Betting odds change from day to day. Sometimes the odds even change hour to hour. Looking at the odds is much more important than what many think. It is not something that just the bettors do. Even sports fans look at the odds to see how a team is expected to do in the future.

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Tennis Betting Tips

One of the tips of the trade in betting offers industry is that some sports are simply easier to make a profit on than others. It’s generally thought that tennis is one of the sports that fall into this category as unlike many others, there are just two outcomes available to the punter. Of course, while there might be one less outcome than several other sports, caution still needs to be exercised whenever you contemplate a flutter. While there will never be a specific code to abide to, here is a list of tips that should help you improve your profits if you decide to bet on tennis matches.

Constantly analyze the weather conditions

As you may expect, this is only a variable that will alter in outdoor tennis tournaments but it can have huge significance on the end result. Generally, in windy conditions especially, one side of the court will be much easier to play on than the other. This means that players could have real difficulty in winning any games when they play on that side of the court – even if they are on serve.

This presents a fantastic ennis betting tips opportunity for the punter, if you can find a bookmaker that accepts in-play bets. On practically all occasions, bookies will label the server as the big favorite to win the match and the odds will be ridiculously favourable. In fact, when there is a big underdog, bookmakers will generally provide a massive price for them to break serve.

It’s at this point that you should spring into action. Most of the time, the bookies will not place too much emphasis on weather conditions for in-play specific game bets and this means there is fantastic value to be had. Admittedly, you may lose a few bets, but the odds are so favourable that this is something you can afford to do.

Research how competitors perform on the type of court that is being played on

When people talk about researching how players perform on a specific court type, they will generally look to their form on the various surfaces such as grass, clay and hard court. This is perhaps one of the most obvious tips in tennis betting research, as players are renowned for having a favoured surface and some simply won’t be able to cope on other types.

However, another tip along the same lines relates to the variables around the court. For example, some players will have absolutely no experience of playing in front of big crowds as in the US Open and this means that they could fare poorly if they are allocated one of the big courts in a tournament. Similarly, some players have their “bogey courts” and simple research can lead you to these courts to see where they have struggled in the past.

Keep a close eye on the warm up

The warm up can be a very telling point in the match as you will usually see if a player is carrying an injury. Whether they are acting laboured in their practice or if they are merely bandaged up in certain areas, you may be given a slight indication that they won’t be able to finish the match – or at least have their performance affected by their troubles. It’s at this point you should head straight to the bookmaker to back your suspicions with an investment.

Sports Betting & March Madness – A Basketball Lover’s Dream Come True!

March Madness is an American institution. Only the NBA’s final four will beat this basketball tournament for fan fanaticism, television market share and, of course, the most wagers place on the game of round ball. Still, before you get ready to make a friendly wager or put down your life savings on which basketball team will emerge on the top of the heap, it will pay to do a bit of research on which team(s) really has the best chance to make to the finals.

Betting on sports can be a lot of fun, and betting on basketball during the Month of March can be out of this world. Still, you don’t want to throw money away. You may love your team, but if you know in your heart they’re going to choke again, you probably ought to bet on a team with better odds. Odds for the upcoming tournament can be obtained through any local bookie (where book making is legal) or through on-line sports betting websites. Be sure to look for which has the best odds for your pick. After all, if your local guy is giving three to one but the website offers four? You’d be smarter to place that bet on line and earn more for your win!

If you’re thinking of betting on line and are not already registered with one of the sports betting websites, get busy. You’ll need to register up front, and in most cases, either transfer money or use your credit card set up an account. Just like with any bookie, the on-line guys will charge you a percentage of your winnings, and maybe a registration fee, as well. It’s always smart to shop around. Then, once your best are placed, sit back with a cold one, some pizza and the gang. Rooting on your team is more fun when, if they win, you win, too!

How To Bet Well

With the official kick-off of the basketball season, March Madness fever has really shaken things up, and bets are on about every aspect of the sports, probably including how many times a player uses the loo. Indulge in some good sportsbetting, there’s nothing that spikes up the adrenaline like that. There’s a kind of fervor that you get when your “horse” beats everyone in a close finish that nothing else can give; and the more money that rides on your horse, the better the excitement. So bet all you can, but be a smart bettor. Bet smart of bet silly, betting will always be exciting; but there’s a real world out there that’s gonna be trickier to negotiate if you are not betting with a smart head on your shoulders.

Smart betting 101 will tell you something you probably didn’t expect – when not to bet. You see, betting is about fifty percent chance and fifty percent science. You can control about half of the betting outcome if you know enough about what you are betting about. So, the first thing to learn is, if you are not absolutely passionate about a sports, don’t bet on it. You simply wouldn’t know enough to qualify as a good bettor.

Sportsbetting involves some risk, so make sure you know how much risk you can bear. Give yourself a solid figure; this is what you can afford to lose, strictly from a financial point of view. Then bet using about half that amount. What this does is to limit your betting to a manageable amount; even if you go beyond “half the amount,” you still have another limit that you probably wouldn’t cross.

Finally, know when to quit. Usually, a steady winning streak is the best time to quit. Bet less and less as you win more and more, so that you can quit profitably at the first sign of losing. This is cautious play, but better safe than sorry.

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