Barack-etology 2010 [video]

The POTUS makes his picks…

Hard to argue with any of his picks, but I don’t think Villanova is going to the Final Four this year. Yes, their guards are good, but they’re lacking size now that Dante Cunningham is gone.

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Blogging the Bloggers: All Erin Andrews, all the time…and more

DEADSPIN says that hunting for the guy who shot and uploaded the now-infamous Erin Andrews peephole video is a futile effort, while describing the method the perpetrator used to shoot the footage. The site also laments ESPN’s (inevitable?) takeover of local media all across the country.

– According to Luke Walton, via an AVP announcer and SPORTSbyBROOKS, Lamar Odom will be a Laker. “Trust me.”

– NCAA Football 10 users should take note. Fully named rosters are now available, per TONYBLOGS.

WITH LEATHER reports that MLB was not happy with President Obama’s decision to wear a Chicago White Sox jacket when he threw out the first pitch at the All-Star Game.

– Charles Barkley says that Tiger Woods’ career is more impressive than Michael Jordan’s, per AWFUL ANNOUNCING.

President Obama’s bracket

It’s nice to have a President that knows a little something about sports. He filled out a bracket for ESPN, but he picked North Carolina to win it all, so he must have missed the news about Ty Lawson’s big toe. (Or maybe he knows something I don’t.)

Full story.

Blogging the Bloggers: Obama’s night out, old cheerleaders and more

IN GAME NOW lists the 25 Sexiest WrestleMania Divas. The list includes Reggie Bush’s girl, Kim Kardashian (right).

SPORTS BY BROOKS informs us that Chiefs Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters is none too happy with his first interaction with new head coach Todd Haley.

MOVE THE NEEDLE has photos and video of President Obama taking in the Bulls/Wizards game last week.

SPORTS BY BROOKS outlines the NBA’s tenuous financial situation.

DEADSPIN has a photo of the 41-year-old woman who came to the New England Patriots open cheerleading tryouts. Ugh.

IN GAME NOW lists 10 ways for Michael Vick to enjoy his house arrest.

Blogging the Bloggers: Friday

YAHOO! SPORTS explains why the Blazers are threatening litigation against any team that attempts to sign Darius Miles.

THE HILL has quotes from President-elect Obama reiterating his desire to see a college football playoff. Four more years!

AWFUL ANNOUNCING says that Charles Barkley’s decision to take a leave of absence from TNT is the right thing to do.

– We thought Trevor Hoffman might sign with the Dodgers, but KNUCKLE CURVE informs us that he’s going to play for the Brew Crew next season.

– Terrell Owens now has his own blog over at YARDBARKER and is wondering what people would think if he had said the things about Cris Carter that Cris Carter said about him. Confused yet? I am.

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