Bears, Eagles made trade offers to Cardinals for Boldin on draft day

According to the Arizona Republic, the Eagles offered the Cardinals cornerback Sheldon Brown and a third round pick in exchange for receiver Anquan Boldin on draft day, but Arizona quickly rejected it. Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo also admitted that he offered the 49th overall pick in exchange for Boldin, but obviously was turned down himself.

Earlier this week, Eagles coach Andy Reid told a Philadelphia radio audience that the price for Boldin was too high, both in terms of trade compensation and a new contract. As a baseline, Reid threw out trade terms of first, third and fifth-round picks, in addition to a new contract worth $10 million or so a year.

Maybe Reid was trying to spin the situation to satisfy Eagles fans, some of whom have long clamored to trade for Boldin. In the radio interview, Reid went on to say that he didn’t think the Cardinals ever really wanted to trade Boldin. Of course, it would be hard to determine that when the best offer is Brown and a third rounder.

Maybe the Eagles figured they would take a stab at stealing Boldin for a pittance. No harm in that.
The Eagles never offered more than the third round pick and Brown, a seven-year veteran who is unhappy with his current contract. The Cardinals didn’t have a need for a starting cornerback after signing Bryant McFadden in free agency.

Sheldon and a third round pick for Boldin? I thought I heard laughter off in the distance on draft day – turns out it was Cardinals’ GM Rod Graves after talking with the Eagles.

Hey, it was worth a shot for the Eagles. If nothing came out of it, so be it. But if the Cards were at all desperate to relieve themselves from the Boldin situation, maybe they would have pulled the trigger on Philly’s offer. (And then would have been rightfully lambasted by their fans and media in the process.)

I wonder if Graves would have done a deal with Angelo for a second and a third, although the third would have had to been for 2010 because Chicago had already traded that pick to Denver for Jay Cutler. Still, if Angelo was able to pull a deal off for Boldin, then the Bears would have went from perennial NFC North favorites to legit Super Bowl contenders.

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Boldin still an option for Eagles

Team president Joe Banner says that trading for Cardinals’ receiver Anquan Boldin is still an option for the Eagles.

Anquan Boldin“We’re always looking for players that we think can make us better,” Banner said. “I think we’ve proven many times that we’d be willing to do what it takes, whether it be a trade or do something with somebody’s contract in order to get them here.”

Given that the Eagles surrendered a first-round draft pick – the 28th overall – and a fourth-round pick to get Peters, they have less trade ammunition than they did a few days ago, but Banner said the team would not rule out dealing its remaining first-round pick, the 21st overall.

“There are teams that start the year with only one first-round draft pick and they’ve traded them,” Banner said. “If we made another trade with a first-round draft pick, we’d just be in the same position as them. I think we’ll do whatever we evaluate to be the best move with any of the available players. . . . Some of the evaluation is about the quality of what we have at certain positions.”

It would seem that the Eagles’ biggest decision right now is whether to go after one of the top running backs in the first round of Saturday’s draft or try to trade for Boldin or one of the other star receivers that could be available. Both Cincinnati’s Chad Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson) and Cleveland’s Braylon Edwards also are on the trade market.

This is one of those times when a team official says something without really saying anything. Philly GM Tom Heckert has said all along that the receiving corps is set, although I could see the Eagles adding a wideout in the later rounds come draft day.

The Eagles are in “win now” mode, so adding a dynamic piece like Boldin is certainly still a possibility, but I just can’t see them giving up two first round picks and possibly a third before the draft even starts on Saturday. That’s just not the Eagles’ style.

Cardinals fielding offers for Anquan Boldin

While the Cardinals are still trying to work on keeping Anquan Boldin in Arizona, head coach Ken Whisenhunt noted that the team is willing to field trade offers for the wide receiver.

“Before the draft, you know there is going to talk about Anquan and his situation and a trade,” Whisenhunt said. “Since not a whole lot has changed with his contractual situation, we know that will come back up.

“It would be foolish from our standpoint not to listen to those opportunities and see what actually exists. But I want to make the point … our goal is to re-sign him to a long-term deal. That hasn’t changed.”

Said general manager Rod Graves, “We just think it is prudent for us to evaluate all our options.”
The Cardinals have already talked some with other teams, although Graves declined to say which ones.

Boldin, who has been looking for a new contract, still has two years left on his current deal. Because of that, the Cardinals don’t feel a sense of urgency to deal Boldin. If a trade isn’t consummated before the first day of the draft April 25, it is unlikely Boldin is going anywhere.

The way this story has developed this offseason has been strange. First Boldin says that his situation with the Cardinals is “irreparable” and the next moment he says he’d like to stay in ‘Zona. Then the Cards say that they’re doing everything they can to retain him, yet now they’re willing to field offers.

My best guess is that the two teams most likely to come up with a decent trade package are still the Giants and Eagles. But it appears that the Giants are more likely to land Braylon Edwards at this point and the Eagles have more to offer the Cards in terms of trade value because they have two first round picks. But does Philly want to give up one of those first rounders for Boldin? General manager Tom Heckert has said all along that his receiving corps is set, but who knows if that’s just a smokescreen.

Anquan Boldin to be an Eagle?’s Peter King believes that Anquan Boldin won’t be a Cardinal next season and that the Giants and Eagles are possible trade partners with Arizona.

The Eagles and Giants, two receiver-needy teams, are in position to deal for Anquan Boldin, who I continue to say will not be a Cardinal by July. Philly has 21, 28 and 53, the Giants 29, 45 and 60. I find it hard to believe the Eagles won’t trade for Boldin. Very hard. He’s a perfect fit, and they’ve got the cap room to sign him.

Less than a month ago, Philly GM Tom Heckert said that the Eagles were set at receiver with DeSean Jackson and that’s why the team didn’t pursue free agent T.J. Houshmandzadeh. But Housh is also three years older than Boldin and if the Eagles have had their sights on Anquan this entire time, then Heckert’s comments could have been a smokescreen. As King notes, Philadelphia is certainly in position to offer Arizona decent compensation for Boldin, who could team with Jackson to give Donovan McNabb a quality receiving corps.

Housh and Boldin on Eagles’ radar? Maybe not.

Philadelphia has emerged as a landing spot for free agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh and trade bait Anquan Boldin, but according to Eagles’ GM Tom Heckert the team is already set at the wideout position.

T.J. HoushmandzadehPhiladelphia Eagles general manager Tom Heckert tells Fox 29 the team likely won’t be adding a free agent receiver to Donovan McNabb’s arsenal.

“It’s an easy out for everyone to say we need a wide receiver but we did get one – DeSean Jackson,” Heckert said. Jackson was a second-round pick last season.

Heckert believes Jackson is a prime threat at wide receiver and receivers won’t be an issue for the team during the free agent season.

He also said the Donovan McNabb has been at the Eagles training facility daily since the Super Bowl and that he’s been talking regularly with McNabb.

But Heckert was tight lipped about any ongoing contract talks with the star quarterback.

This could just be a smokescreen by Heckert, but then again, this hasn’t been a team that goes out and pursues top dollar wide receivers very often so maybe the GM is speaking honestly.

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