Boldin practices, should play in NFC Championship

It looks like the Cardinals’ passing game will be at full strength come Sunday against the Eagles.

Anquan BoldinThe chaos of the NFC Championship press conferences are going on — coach Ken Whisenhunt is about to start — but the most important news of the day already happened: wide receiver Anquan Boldin got on the practice field with his recovering hamstring injury.

I’m not sure if he was limited or practiced fully, (UPDATE: Q was limited) but he did quite a bit when I was watching. Afterward, Q admitted it “wasn’t fun at all” sitting out in Carolina. He saw a chiropractor in Dallas earlier in the week, and said that has helped. He said that right now, “I don’t see any hindrances” to his play against Philadelphia this weekend.

Anyone who has played or followed sports knows that hamstring injuries are a fickle bitch. One moment you’re fine and you’re running with no issues, the next you’re lying on the ground clutching the back of your leg like it’s your first copy of Playboy.

I hope Boldin is able to play and play at near 100%. Now that they’re in the NFC Championship Game, I want to see what the Cards can do in the biggest game of the year and how their passing game will match up with the Eagles’ outstanding secondary.

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