Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan

With Michael Jordan mania in full swing with the release the “The Last Dance,” everyone will be drinking up MJ stories for a while. Here’s a great segment with Phil Jackson who provides some fun insight on some all-time greats in a hypothetical one on one setting, and then tells some amazing stories about Michael and Kobe.

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Rob Gronkowski traded to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rob Gronkowski was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to reunite with Tom Brady, which will make things pretty interesting in Tampa.

Naturally, this gives everyone plenty to talk about in terms of the drama in New England with playing for Bill Belichick. Both of these guys probably wouldn’t mind a fresh start in a different atmosphere.

It’s really going to be interesting to see if Gronk can hold up. If so, you have a bevy of weapons in Tampa with Mike Evans, O.J. Howard and Chris Godwain. Brady will have his weapons!

Meanwhile, what are Patriots fans thinking?

The Pros and Cons of Using VAR in Football

soccer ball

The motto behind every football match is providing an equal game. This proved to be a tough thing to ensure because, in the past, UEFA and FIFA had big trouble when dealing with corruption and match-fixing. The most frequent target in match-fixing was the referees, who were paid to favor one team during the games. After all, nobody should suffer a crucial defeat just because others wanted to make a handsome profit illegally. That is why, the officials introduced VAR, or Video Assistant Referee, to the world a few years ago. The point of VAR is to replay situations where the officials have doubts on a certain decision, review the footage and take the right action based on the replay.

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Great start to “The Last Dance”

“The Last Dance” was always going to be a significant TV event, given the topic of Michael Jordan and his last championship run in Chicago. But obviously, with all of us thirsting for sports during this pandemic, everyone is watching this documentary.

Having lived through this, the documentary brought back some great memories. I wasn’t a Bulls fan, but like everyone I respected the brilliance of Michael Jordan. I always rooted for him in The Finals.

“The Last Dance” covers the drama of this last title run while also telling the backstory of the key figures like Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson. And of course it covers all the drama surrounding Jerry Krause and the tension between the front office, Jackson, Jordan and Pippen.

So many things stand out from the first two episodes. Of course, the whole Michael Jordan backstory is always fun to watch. I had forgotten about Jordan’s offensive explosion against Larry Bird and the 1986 Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.

Pippen’s backstory was also fascinating, seeing his challenging family situation and how he managed to work hard at a small college and get to the NBA.

I remember at the time how ridiculous the situation seemed when the Bulls made it clear that season would be Jackson’s last season. In some way it was a relief for the rest of the NBA. Now we get to see the behind the scenes look at how it all played out . . . the rest of this documentary series should be just as fun.

Best Sports to Bet on for an Exciting Time


While it’s true to say that online sportsbooks tend to offer a good variety of sports for their members to bet on, it’s also true to say that some of them provide a much more entertaining time than others. Some are also easier to wager on than others too. So, which sports stand out as being more appropriate for bettors to take advantage of betting on?

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