Three top-ten teams fall this weekend

The ranks of the undefeated are starting to thin out.

First, the Big 12 showed again how pathetic college defenses can look as Texas defeated rival Oklahoma 48-45 to hand the Sooners their first loss of the season. Texas almost squandered a huge lead but then let the Sooners tie it up late. They sealed with win with a 40-yard field goal from freshman Cameron Dicker.

Meanwhile, Ohio State transfer Joe Burrow had LSU ranked in the top ten without a loss heading into Florida, but the Gators sealed the win with a late pick 6.

Finally, Auburn was handled on the road against Mississippi State, 23-9.

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The absurdity of NFL officiating

This stat says it all:

We get it. The NFL has a real challenge on its hands as they try to make the game safer. And in some ways their efforts are paying off. Defensive backs have learned to stop the headhunting that was prevalent in the NFL for decades.

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Managing a world class golf course

golf country club water

Managing a world class golf course is no easy thing. There are a thousand details that need to be taken care of each and every day. This is a position that requires years of expertise to be truly on top of. For this reason, you should never entrust the management of your golf course to an amateur. If no one in your area seems to have the qualifications to fill the position, you may need to outsource it.

Finding Top Level Golf Course Management is Easier Than Ever

There are many reasons why it is an excellent idea to outsource your golf management services. To begin with, you need to keep your course running smoothly and efficiently. You can’t afford to close down or cease proving certain services because you can’t find a manager to oversee them. Instead of losing time and money, you need to be able to put someone in the position who can quickly see to the needs of your course.

If there is no one in your area who can fill this position, you can outsource the job to a third party that specializes in providing this kind of personnel. There are plenty of qualified outsourcing services to call on. Finding these services is now easier than ever. You can use the power of the world wide web to locate the company whose qualifications are right for your needs.

Contact a Golf Course Management Service Today to Get Started

A truly top level golf course management provider will be glad to furnish you with a list of golf course management companies that currently make use of their services. This is the proof of their experience and qualifications in this area. Once you have this list, you can proceed to hammer out an arrangement that will satisfy all parties involved.

The advantages that will come with outsourcing the management of your golf course are many. If you wish to experience them firsthand, all you need to do is get in contact with a professional provider of these services. The time for you to do so is now.

Sony Michel adds new dynamic to Patriots offense

We’ve seen this movie before. The Patriots have some early season struggles, people questions whether Brady and company have started to slip, and then Belichick & co. make adjustments and get back to dominating most opponents.

The latest “adjustment” involves featuring first-round draft pick Sony Michel in the running game. He rushed for over 100 yards last week against the Dolphins and followed that up with another solid performance last night against the Colts. Meanwhile, Julian Edelman returned last night, catching 7 passes from Brady, and Josh Gordon caught his first TD pass from Brady as well.

The Chiefs and Jaguars certainly look like two of the best teams in the weaker AFC, but don’t count out the Patriots just yet.

Will NBA offseason moves take away Golden State Warriors’ dominance in the Association?

The NBA offseason has seen plenty of trades and free agent moves. Of course, the biggest of them all was LeBron James once again trading in the Cleveland Cavaliers for another team. His team of choice this time was the Los Angeles Lakers; and overnight, the team became one of the top contenders for the 2018-19 NBA Championship. All eyes are now on whether James can lead the Lakers to the NBA Finals, and Michigan Sports Betting gives fans the chance to follow every jump shot, slam dunk, and block.

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