Genie Bouchard is always sexy!

Genie Bouchard has been popular for a while, but this beautiful tennis star got even more attention when she posed for the SI swimsuit issue. Her Instagram account is a great source for lovely photos . . .

Nice bikini top!


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What were the Bulls thinking in Jimmy Butler trade?

Are the Bulls nuts? Practically everyone is ripping the deal sending Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. You have a superstar player with several years left on his contract, and you don’t get a superstar or a haul of assets in return? Bulls fans have to be furious.

Meanwhile, Minnesota fans get the perfect addition to a young, talented team. Players like Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns need to learn how to play defense, and Butler is the perfect two-way player to help Tom Thibodeau create a defensive culture in Minnesota.

Best Gift Ideas for Sports Fans


Sports fans aren’t always the easiest person to give gifts to. Many of them are collectors, so they may already have the sports memorabilia or item you’re planning on buying. They can be very finicky too. You would not want to give a Kevin Durant Golden State Warrior jersey to a diehard Oklahoma Thunder fan, or to a Cleveland Cavaliers fan for that matter. That’s just asking for trouble.

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Things that successful sports traders will never do – Look before you leap


If you’ve already clicked on this post, chances are high that you dream of trading for earning a living. You must have been familiar with various sports trading forums and other blogs which teach you sports trading strategies. There are indeed many things which a successful trader does and sometimes the novice traders try to copy such things which seem to be impossible for them to try. Did you ever stop to wonder about the different things which a successful sports trader never does?

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Online trading – Can it put you on an edge over others?


So many people who like sports betting are also drawn to online trading as the mindset is the same for success.

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