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Jon Hamm Directs “Clint Dempsey: On The Move” For Degree Men


Since Clint Dempsey and the U.S. Men’s National Soccer team were knocked out early in the World Cup four years ago in South Africa, he’s been on a mission to DO:MORE so he could ultimately IMPROVE and lead the team farther during this summer’s matches in Brazil.

To help tell his personal IMPROVE story, Degree Men enlisted the help of ‘Mad Men’ star and soccer fan, Jon Hamm, to direct the short film, “On The Move.”

Here’s a behind the scenes look featuring Hamm and Dempsey:

We spoke with Clint recently and asked the US Soccer captain 10 questions, here are a few choice cuts:

1. Talk about your partnership with Degree: DO MORE and how one lucky soccer fan can win a trip to Brazil in June to support you and the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team.

Degree is working with soccer and promoting the game. And also they’ve got the new deodorant now out with Degree Motion Sense technology where the more you move the more protection you get. The cool thing about it the campaign is, if you go to, a fan can win a trip to Brazil to join us at the World Cup this summer, so that will be exciting.

2. Is scoring a goal the hardest thing to do in sports?

At times, it feels like that, but other times, it feels like luck is on your side. It is a great feeling. For me growing up, whether I scored a touchdown or hit a home run, or scored a goal, scoring a goal is the greatest feeling to me. It gave me such a rush you want to keep doing it over and over again. That’s the reason I love the game. I love that it’s continuous, there aren’t that many stoppages, and scoring a goal is why I fell in love with it.

3. What does it feel like to be the captain of the American team?

One, it puts more pressure on me to try to will the team on. At the same time, there are a lot of players on the team that have played in World Cups, and will be ready for that challenge. We have a lot of leaders on this team; not just myself. Michael Bradley, Tim Howard and plenty of others that have that experience and really helped the team out in tough times. We’re a team that’s in good hands and we’re looking forward to the challenge, and I’m excited about that opportunity.

Read the full interview with Clint here.

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10 questions with US Soccer captain Clint Dempsey


Clint Dempsey is the captain of the US Men’s National soccer team, which is only fitting, because he is one of the most decorated soccer players in US history.

The $4 million dollars English club team Fulham offered Major League Soccer (MLS) for his services in 2006 was the highest amount ever offered for an MLS player. Dempsey went on to score the most goals in the Premier League in franchise history, including becoming the first American player to score a hat-trick in the English Premier League.

In 2012, he was transferred to Tottenham Hotspur for $6 million dollars and made the highest salaried US soccer player of all-time. Dempsey has scored the fastest goal in World Cup qualifying history (53 seconds) and is one of only two American players (along with Brian McBride) to score goals in multiple World Cup tournaments.

We spoke to Clint about working with the Degree DO: MORE campaign, the World Cup and his career.

1. Talk about your partnership with Degree: DO MORE and how one lucky soccer fan can win a trip to Brazil in June to support you and the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team.

Degree is working with soccer and promoting the game. And also they’ve got the new deodorant now out with Degree Motion Sense technology where the more you move the more protection you get. The cool thing about it the campaign is, if you go to, a fan can win a trip to Brazil to join us at the World Cup this summer, so that will be exciting.

Read the full interview here.

Chelsea Signs With Coral

Chelsea fans who like a wager could be in for a treat; the west London club has agreed a sponsorship deal with bookmakers Coral. The contract, which lasts until summer 2016, names Coral as Chelsea’s official online betting partner for Europe. It’s expected to enable Chelsea fans to benefit from special offers, including better odds on the team’s matches.


The last time Chelsea dropped any Premiership points was 23rd December, in an uninspiring away match at the Emirates stadium. While their December form was somewhat patchy, with losses away to Stoke and Sunderland, since Boxing Day (and prior to the West Ham match on 29th January) they’ve won every game and conceded only three goals in all competitions. A challenging February lies ahead however; for fans looking to put money on Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures, comparison sites including compare free bets and offer continual updates on the most favorable odds.


Chelsea’s next big test is a trip to the Etihad where they’ll face Premiership title favorites Manchester City, in a clash that could see the winner going top of the table. With Arsenal facing Crystal Palace at the Emirates the day before, the Monday night fixture is far from a guaranteed ticket to the top spot, though it does promise to be a thrilling encounter. Bookies are strongly favoring City to win, with current best prices at slightly worse than evens. Astute fans may be able to back Chelsea at a little better than 3/1, with around 13/2 a decent price for the draw.


The following weekend Chelsea hosts Newcastle for what should be a less intimidating game. Odds on Chelsea taking three points on 8th February are very short, with slightly better than 1/3 about the best you’ll find. Alan Pardew’s side lie eighth in the table, after a poor January and a mixed December. Their current position can be put down in part to an excellent run of results in November, during which they took 12 points from 12 – including a 2-0 home victory over Chelsea.


Coral and Chelsea have been tight-lipped regarding the amount of money that’s changed hands with the new sponsorship deal, but with Roman Abramovich’s generosity apparently on the wane, any new source of income will a boon for manager Jose Mourinho. The sale of the under-utilized Juan Mata to Manchester United has already funded the purchase of 21-year old Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah from FC Basel, with plenty left over.

“We are very pleased to align ourselves with such a leading betting company as Coral,” Chelsea chief exec Ron Gourlay commented.

“I hope Chelsea fans can benefit from the relationship over the next two-and-a-half years.”

Who will make it to Brazil?

Football fans the world over are getting ready for the biggest competition since the last World Cup. We’re fast approaching the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will be held in Brazil next summer.

And as we approach the final games that will decide the teams that will be fighting it out for the honour of lifting the world cup, excitement is mounting for fans and followers alike.

Betting on the World Cup

Traditionally many more people join the hardcore football fans when it comes to the World Cup. People who don’t necessarily follow any of the involved team’s domestic leagues will be following their favorite national team.

Placing bets on the team you think will win and the team you want to win is part of the fun of the competition with communities becoming heavily involved in the World Cup fixtures as they happen. The advent of online betting and online gaming has made it much easier for the average fan to bet on their team – rather than having to go down to the bookies, everyone can pick up their smartphone or tablet and quickly hope online at one of the many online sports betting sites. As these are usually part of an online casino site, it’s a great crossover for people who also like to play casino games, progressive slots or a bit of poker at half time!

But before we even get to the finals, the finalists have to make their way there.

Showdown between Portugal and Sweden

This is the next big decider and in less than seven days, either Portugal or Sweden will have their World Cup dreams crushed. And as these two teams are playing for a single space at the World Cup, this means that one of two major sporting heroes only will be playing in the World Cup.

Whoever wins this match will decide whether Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Cristiano Ronaldo will be present in Brazil where they belong. The first part of the showdown is in Lisbon, followed by the second match in Stockholm. It’s safe to say that this is probably not what FIFA or the fans want as it’s important for the big superstars to be at the tournament to keep momentum and media coverage interested.

But it does mean an incredibly exciting play off for the fans at this stage of the qualifying matches, and promises to be an electric and exciting competition – as much between the two individuals as the two countries.

Greece vs Romania

Greece ended up second behind Bosnia in Group G, even though they won an impressive eight out of the ten qualifying matches at groups stage. This means they have to play Romania and it’s likely that they will be through to the World Cup, with an amazing striker in Kostas Mitroglou they are looking strong and determined.

Whoever you’re backing for the World Cup, it’s guaranteed to be an exciting and involving competition – bring on next summer!

Best Soccer Games & Apps to Play On-the-Go

ID-10081875 soccer
Free image courtesy of bulldogza/

If you are a soccer fan, you are likely already heavily tuned into your favorite team’s games. However, due to time differences, busy schedules, and sometimes a lack of broadcasting, it can be difficult to see every game live and stay on top of the latest scores and news.

As a gift to all soccer games enthusiasts, we are writing up 10 popular and useful soccer applications. This way, you can now enjoy your games on the go, play for fun, and keep up with stats. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Samsung, or iPad, you should be able to get these apps and games on your mobile device easily. Take a look at our top 10 list and never miss another goal!

1. Sky Sports Live Football Score Center: This application sets Jeff Stelling and his gang right on your pocket, with the by-the minute action from each of the games on Serie A, Premier League, and the Evo-Stick League.

2. Sun+Goals –free (Needs Subscription): This ESPN application proved to become popular this last season. The speedy access is often achievable on clips of goals at exactly no cost. A subscription of this app is needed with its interesting and fascinating content idea with Alan Shearer and Stan Collymore in Spain.

3. FourFourTwo Stats Zone: This mainly offers the entire analysis of the Premier League games, from the possession of work rates and passes maps to even the basic shot of the players. It has a pool of meaningful information that further adds fantastic insights on soccer teams, pub trivia and sports betting.

4. Football Manager Handheld 2013: This portable port and personal computer game has accumulated thousands to millions of hours from the youth. It retains the many compulsive enjoyment to users plus the smooth learning curve and breadth of teams.

5. New Star Soccer: This is the excellent footy stimulator that enables you to command the career of a player who has to fight the clashing interests of playing the modernized game of sponsor commitments, high-maintenance girlfriends and gambling.

6. Sky Go (requires a Sky subscription): This is the essential application for any iPhone user or Sky Sports subscriber on iOS that lets you subscribe the game live. The urge of tweeting the # winning is even possible.

7. Score! Classic Goals (for free): The previous tournaments are spotted, from Dennis Bergkamp’s successful volley to Michael Owen’s mazy goal. Also, this has its better rating system and requires unlocking the next set.

8. TeamStream (for free): This information and news service from the United States sporting giant, called “The Bleacher Report”, enables you select the most-liked teams. Then, tweeting or scraping stories are possible over the internet.

9. BBC Sport (for free): This is an official sports application that places all of the recent soccer news. The captivating soap opera is greatly followed with the live commentaries from the renowned journalists of BBC. Once you feel like you’ve covered all the news, latest rumors, and most recent stats, you may want to move over to the mobile games at NordicBet and have your hand at some fun betting.

10. MatchPint (for free): This application enables you to find the games on television and tells you which of the pubs are shown. This has its multitude of users and a simple interface that serves as an excellent-scorer in your eyes.

Are you using any of these apps or games now? Which are you favorite and why?

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