The Best Golfers to Place Your Bets On

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Golf is considered to be quite the sport of the elites. It’s always something that’s attributed to older men who spend their retirement having good old-fashioned chats on the course and doing business deals that may be considered too top-secret for prying ears. Yet, that’s not actually the case anymore, because a lot of younger players have come to the forefront, and it is for this reason that a lot of sports bettors have turned to wagering on these players.

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The Best Football Players to Bet On

soccer ball

In the football world, there are numerous players who could be considered as being at the top of their game. And of course, everyone has their favourites when it comes to the game. However, there are a small few players who can just about always be banked on to provide a stellar performance. This makes them much more appealing to place sports bets on as being the first to score or the last to score, for example.

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Why Mobile Sports Betting is Better for Gamblers

mobile phone

Mobile sports betting has been made into a legal activity in many countries already, and it has gained in popularity over the past few years. That’s little wonder, considering that it allows bettors to wager on their favourite sports and teams from any location, rather than having to log in from home on a computer. It was in May of 2018 that the Supreme Court of America legalised wagering on sports throughout the country, and since then, around 15 states have either fully legalised the pastime or are taking significant steps towards doing so.

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Who’s leading the race for NBA Rookie of the Year?

Basketball is a hugely popular global sport with fans across the world, and new laws in many US states have legalized sports betting, making betting on NBA finals or individual games possible. Although there are fabulous leagues to follow in Europe, America’s NBA is still the spiritual home of the sport. This top-class competition sees the best players and best teams battle it out each year in a bid to emerge triumphant from the NBA Finals in June. Naturally, there are millions of NBA fans in America itself who not only like to follow their team but also to bet on them.

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Real Betis Makes History Against Athletic Bilbao

What a day! What a match! What an incredible bit of La Liga history! At the ripe “old” age of 38, the Real Betis team captain, Joaquin, did something no one of that age has ever accomplished. He scored three goals, commonly called a hat trick, against league rival Athletic Bilbao in a game on 8th December that Betis went on to win by a score of 3 to 1.

The Veteran Comes Through

The amazing feat makes Joaquin the oldest competitor to score a hat trick in the long history of La Liga football. It only took two minutes of play for the mid-fielder to get busy racking up the points. With one strike already on the board, the team leader waited just nine more minutes before zapping another ball into the net for his next goal.

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