Things that successful sports traders will never do – Look before you leap


If you’ve already clicked on this post, chances are high that you dream of trading for earning a living. You must have been familiar with various sports trading forums and other blogs which teach you sports trading strategies. There are indeed many things which a successful trader does and sometimes the novice traders try to copy such things which seem to be impossible for them to try. Did you ever stop to wonder about the different things which a successful sports trader never does?

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Online trading – Can it put you on an edge over others?


So many people who like sports betting are also drawn to online trading as the mindset is the same for success.

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Prop Bets for 2017 NBA Playoffs

Entering the Conference semis of the NBA finals, there have been very few surprises other than the Utah Jazz upsetting the Los Angeles Clippers. During the first round, it became very apparent that the Golden State Warriors have put injuries behind them (see Kevin Durant and Head Coach Steve Kerr) and look poised to claim its second championship in three years. With all due respect for the upstart Boston Celtics, the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets and defending Champ Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors are playing at an elite level and figure to do so as long as Durant remains healthy.

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What Factors Will Change Betting Odds?


Betting odds change from day to day. Sometimes the odds even change hour to hour. Looking at the odds is much more important than what many think. It is not something that just the bettors do. Even sports fans look at the odds to see how a team is expected to do in the future.

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How to Find Out Which Soccer Betting Sites You Should Use


Given the popularity of soccer in Europe and in most parts of the world, you will never see a shortage of betting sites that offer betting on football (soccer). However, the fact a site covers soccer shouldn’t automatically qualify it as a viable destination for your wagering dollar. If you want to hone in on the best sites available, you must establish certain criteria bookmakers must meet before they earn your patronage.

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