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Powerful take by Jay Williams on marijuana and pain

The NFL, NBA and MLB need to get rid of their idiotic bans on marijuana for their players.

Check out this video and article from Jay Williams who describes how he became addicted to prescription drugs after his motorcycle accident.

Marijuana is a much better option for pain management because it’s much less addictive (if at all) than prescription drugs.

I’d love to see the NBA start by lifting their ban.

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Check Out These World Series Cocktails From Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels World Series Cocktails

Depending on who you are rooting for in the 2015 World Series, you will either need a celebratory cocktail or one to “right the ship.” Jack Daniels has your back.

Regardless of what side you are rooting for, and even if you are not rooting for either team, Jack Daniels, the world’s best-selling family of whiskeys, has a special recipe for you to enjoy.

The below recipes include ingredients that can easily be found at your local store, all specially made with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Tennessee Fire.

New York fans can pay homage to one of their team’s top traditions – The Giant Home Run Apple

1 1/2 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire
1 oz. Apple Juice
Ginger beer
Directions: shake Jack Fire with apple juice and ice. Strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice. Top with ginger beer
Garnish: apple slices

For KC fans – enjoy a smooth cold beverage you can cheers with every time your team gets a knock

1 1/2 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire
1 oz. White Peach Puree
Irish Style Red Ale
Directions: Shake Tennessee Fire with puree. Strain over ice in a pint glass. Top with ale.
Garnish: A peach slice or orange slice

BASES-LOADED (pictured above)
For fans torn between teams – keep neutral with this crisp beverage garnished with a grapefruit peel

¾ oz. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
¾ oz. Aperol
¾ oz. Sloe Gin
¾ oz. Pineapple Juice
Directions: Shake all with ice and strain into a chilled coupe.
Garnish: Mist and garnish with a grapefruit peel

Madison Bumgarner quiets Royals

The commentary above brings up a good point – the Giants probably needed this game more with Madison Bumgarner on the mound. They needed their ace to step up and he did. He also stopped the ridiculous post-season winning streak by the Royals.

Now we’ll see how the Royals react. They’ve been resilient during games, and now they have to bounce back from a home loss and avoid going down to games heading to San Francisco.

The ratings are down for this World Series, and a boring game one won’t help. That’s a shames as the Royals are such a good story. If they rebound we might see more fans tune in.

Meanwhile, the Giants have the chance to become one of those boring dynasties like the San Antonio Spurs if they can win this Series.

MLB trade deadline results in spectacular arms race

Both the Oakland A’s and the Detroit Tigers went all in and bolstered their pitching staffs as the prepare for the postseason. Of course they aren’t the only two teams to watch in the American League, but suddenly a potential matchup between these two starting rotations has baseball fans salivating.

Billy Beane had already added Jeff Samardzija, and now he adds John Lester. This latest one cost him Yoenis Cespedes so who knows how it will play out, but the A’s will have the arms to compete in October.

But when it comes to mortgaging the future, the Tigers and their 85-year-old owner Mike Ilitch may have the A’s beat as they’ve dumped some great prospects in this mad flurry, capped off with their acquisition of David Price who now heads the most intimidating rotation in baseball. If Justin Verlander is your fourth starter you definitely have a shot in the postseason. We’ll see though if that’s enough.

Should You Rely On Computer Handicapping?

Ubaldo Jimenez Cleveland Indians home dubut

Placing bets in multiple sports games at the same time requires more than manual handicapping techniques. Computer handicapping presents a viable solution, as the automated system can create statistics and calculations quickly. Even when compared with the methodology of a professional, calculations made by software is far more consistent. This is because there is always a tendency for “human error.”

And when correctly utilized, the software can place the odds in your favor by painting a canvas of the possible winner of a future race. As for judging factors, you always have the option of generating ratings from the computer and making modifications based on unaccounted for variables.
Computer handicapping can be used in different sports including:

1. Baseball

The right baseball handicapping program can go a long way in generating a positive ROI (in some cases for the entire season). It will also give you a competitive advantage over a square handicapper, but most of the results depend on the accuracy of the data. Regardless of whether the data is downloaded from an online site or entered manually, it needs to be spot on because the software itself will be worthless if the facts are incorrect.

Moreover, a good program will make modifications from what it has learned from the previous seasons. This is done through propriety technology used in software that features a learning module (AI or Artificial Intelligence). It is just like Siri on iPhone, the voice assistant that makes suggestions after learning about the behavior of the user.

2. Horse Racing

A horse racing handicapping software becomes imperative if you are planning on betting multiple races at once. This is because there are far too many jockeys, tracks and races, so it becomes impossible to rely on a manual handicapping technique. Good software will be easy to use and you don’t have to configure the models, dimension sets and factors for each new race.

This is because the systems are based on learning by doing, so most of the data is saved under user names and the same variables are taken into account for future races. Some offerings also give an option to automate models based on recent data and place bet parameters to draw a line between the safest and the best bets.

3. NFL

NFL handicapping programs can be used for over/under wagering as well as direct bets. Some of them can also make graphs and pie charts for each team, showcasing the number of points earned and the yards gained by different players. Those graphics are then converted into a spreadsheet to advise you over wagering and direct betting in football.

The technology generates automated scoring of over/under results as well as wins. You can also find options to make a ledger, to compare success in a particular game, week, month or year to the previous game, week, month or year.

So computer handicapping technology does have a role to play and, combined with the manual input of missing factors, it can increase the chances of monetary success.

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