Mobile mania grips fantasy football


I’ve been playing fantasy football for decades, and it’s amazing how much the experience has changed the last several years with the mobile phone apps. The instantaneous scoring and feedback changes the whole experience so you can even follow the exact score of your fantasy game while you’re at an actual NFL game (assuming they have decent reception at the stadium).

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Arsenal Football Club partnership with gaming companies


The advancements in technology have caused virtually every aspect of our day to day lives to change at breakneck speeds. The old way of doing things is no longer valid and we must either keep up or be left behind.

This is true for many things, even professional sports. The age of the internet has created a new breed of fans who are interested in more than just the simple gameplay that we got used to in the old days. These fans want interaction, up-to-date news, and special offers – and they will not settle for anything less.

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5 Amazing Apps For The Sports Fanatic


Who doesn’t love sports? Basketball, football, soccer, rugby, hockey — there’s a sport for everyone. So here are a few apps for sports fans who can’t get enough of their favorite teams and those who enjoy betting, because let’s face it, what is sports without a few side bets right?

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#SmellEm If You Got ‘Em! All-access at the 2016 ESPYS and after-party


I asked Cam Newton to teach me how to dab and this was his response.

In the first 15 minutes at the official after-party of┬áthe 2016 ESPYS, I shook Richard Sherman’s hand, met former Lakers’ player/coach Byron Scott and told him he got a raw deal after his recent firing, and got a selfie with former Detroit Pistons “bad boy” John Salley.

As part of the launch for two new spots for the new “Smell ‘Em Who’s Boss” campaign (and two new Old Spice Guys: Swagger Guy and Desperado Guy), Old Spice set me up with full access to the ESPYS and after party.

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The Biggest Doping Scandals in Sports History

Sports are meant to measure the physical fitness and skill of the players. That was their original purpose, and that should be their purpose today. But the widespread use of performance enhancers has made the competition unfair. Athletes training properly can lose to people who achieved their fitness through injecting or ingesting various drugs. Which is much like when you find the best online casinos in Canada and go for the jackpot, knowing the games are rigged – an uphill fight with a superior enemy.

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