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The Biggest Doping Scandals in Sports History

Sports are meant to measure the physical fitness and skill of the players. That was their original purpose, and that should be their purpose today. But the widespread use of performance enhancers has made the competition unfair. Athletes training properly can lose to people who achieved their fitness through injecting or ingesting various drugs. Which is much like when you find the best online casinos in Canada and go for the jackpot, knowing the games are rigged – an uphill fight with a superior enemy.

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Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

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The coming disaster at the Rio Olympics

Could this be the Olympics that completely changes the games going forward? Just how bad can things get in Rio?

In the video above we have the issue of polluted and contaminated water in areas where athletes will be competing.

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Cam Newton, Paul George And Bryce Harper Do Nothing In New Gatorade Videos


Much like Seinfeld was a show about nothing, the new Gatorade “Recover Time” videos feature your favorite athletes doing nothing – which is when recovery happens.

The Gatorade campaign initially kicked-off in December 2015 to remind athletes that if it’s not game time, it’s recover time.

Gatorade Recover protein bars, shakes and powders have the right amount of carbs and high-quality protein to refuel exhausted bodies and help bring muscles back to life

“It’s Recover Time” is a compilation of recovery routines for Cam Newton, Paul George and Bryce Harper:

“Sleep” features MLB MVP, Bryce Harper, quietly recovering:

“Play” features Pacers’ Paul George recovering as he battles his teammate Joe Young in video games:

Do Athletes Perform Better Based On Their Uniform

When your non-athletically inclined friends and family come over for the big game, they’ll either cheer for your team or just choose the side with the prettiest uniforms. As it turns out, that’s actually not a bad strategy. Recent scientific research suggests colors like red, orange and blue are closely linked to success and multiple tournament championships. Psychology tells us that colors can significantly affect our moods and behavior, and given the mental component of excellent athletic performance, it makes sense the color of a uniform might affect an athlete’s performance on the field.

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The Interesting Lives of US Olympic Wrestling Legends

Wrestling fans are often left awestruck by their heroes wrestling moves and skills. Their athletic ability, however, is only one part of what makes these individuals truly great. The lives that each Olympian led prior to becoming a legend contributed to developing inner and outer strength. You’ll find that many of these champions survived much adversity, which built their character. If you take a close look at the lives of these individuals, you’ll find some interesting commonalities. In researching the athletes’ histories, you’ll find instances where the men persevered against great odds. You’ll find men who overcame dyslexia, bullying, poverty, accidental injuries, and cancer. You’ll learn that they developed their strength and toughness by working hard on farms throughout childhood or in shipyards during early adulthood.

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