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After Calvin Johnson Who Is #2 Fantasy Wide Receiver?

After last season’s 96 rec, 1,681 yard, 16 TD performance, “Megatron” is easily the #1 ranked WR in fantasy football- but who do you draft #2?

Brandon Marshall– Even with five different QB’s during two years in MIA, Marshall averaged 83 rec, 1,100 yards and 5 TD a season. In 07-08 w/Cutler in DEN, averaged 103 rec, 1,295 and 6 TD. How bad have the Bears WR been historically? Check this link and Marshall is easily the best one EVER.

Jordy Nelson– Since the 2010 playoffs, no WR has been more productive than Nelson. After a 15 TD 2011, some owners are scared he can’t match that production. But with Aaron Rodgers t QB, why can’t he?

Larry Fitzgerald– Fitz is arguably the best WR in the NFL- but in fantasy he isn’t thanks to another year of his career foreseeably wasted (or at least compromised) by substandard QB play in the desert.

Wes Welker– There are sexier WR out there, but over the last 5 years no one as consistent. 110 rec, 1,221 yards, 6 TD per season over the last five.

After “Megatron” is gone, who do you take next? I’m going Marshall.

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Luck looks good again

Yes, he’s human. Andrew Luck threw a couple of picks tonight against the tough Steelers defense, but he also rebounded to throw some great passes throughout the ballgame. Like all of the rookies he’ll go through some growing pains, but we can see many of the tools that have had scouts excited for years.

Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III had a tougher evening the other night as he took some sacks and coughed up a fumble. Naturally, everyone got overly excited by his performance in his first preseason game when he face little pressure, but the Bears weren’t as accommodating, and Griffin seemed to rely too much on his feet as he felt pressure. Fans shouldn’t overreact to these setbacks in preseason just like they shouldn’t overreact to his first game, as the coaches will be hammering Griffin to make better decisions. He was able to rely on his feet in college from time to time, but he’ll probably get banged up quickly if he tries to keep that up in the pros. Shanahan will push him to be very selective on when he decides to take off.

With fantasy football and 24-hour Twitter comments, fans can’t help but hang on every preseason pass, but time is a critical component in the development of NFL quarterbacks, and the amount of time needed is usually hard to predict. Luck seems to be the most ready as everyone expected, but we’ll have to see how it plays out. For some fantasy football owners, both Luck and RG3 will seem very tempting during the draft, but I’ll probably focus on a proven quarterback instead.

Running back injuries shake up fantasy drafts

Ryan Mathews aims to look tough in this Twitter photo as he flexes his bicep and flashes his arm tattoo, but he got injured again in the first preseason game for the San Diego Chargers, shaking things up in the top 5 in many drafts.

Fantasy guru Evan Silva addresses this in one of his ongoing drafts where Mathews was the overall #2 pick before news broke of his injury. Now you grab him later as a value pick as he should be back by week 2-4.

Another injury involves Trent Richardson, who went #17 in this draft. It’s not clear whether this pick was made before or after his latest injury news. Richardson, however, is expected to be back in week one. He’ll certainly slip a bit in many leagues, but he has looked great in camp and should get a ton of carries in the Browns offense this year.

Don’t Resist The “Double Tud”- Be Bold, Friend

The prevailing fantasy football draft wisdom that your grandpa used since he started playing has been “Get a #1 RB early or you will be screwed, Sonny.” Obviously in 2012, we all know that is no longer the case. But do you know what’s even more balls out? Using your 1st and 2nd round picks on a QB/WR combo from the same team, and hinging your future on the “Double Tud”.

Be a man, Hogan– do it. If you draft at the end of the first round, you have the potential of grabbing Calvin Johnson, then getting Mathew Stafford when the snake draft comes back around your way. Last year you would’ve gotten almost 1,700 yards and 32 TD.

How about Tom Brady and Wes Welker? A meager 1,569 and nine TD.

You don’t have to “do it” in rounds 1 or 2, but the adrenaline rush will certainly be intensified. There are several other latter round combos (B Marshall-J Cutler, S Smith-C Newton, D Jackson/J Maclin-M Vick) as well.

You can always invest in a RBBC later.

Paul Eide can be heard dispensing fantasy football advice every Friday AM during the NFL season on Jacksonville’s 930 AM “The Fox” at 8:00 EST. Email Paul at

RG3 looks solid in preseason debut

After all of the hype and attention from the draft and the offseason, most football fans can’t wait to watch the heralded rookie quarterbacks play for the first time. It’s only a preseason game, but I was anxious to see if Robert Griffin III passed the eyeball test. He did.

RG3 was able to lead the Redskins to a touchdown on their third drive, which should give Skins fans plenty to get excited about this week.

Moments later, there was Griffin, not just alive — but enraptured. Well before Pierre Garcon, on the receiving end of Griffin’s screen pass, somersaulted into the corner of the end zone, Griffin had his arms raised to the sky. He circled around toward midfield, grabbed a knee, crossed himself and pointed quickly to the sky. Then, he used his sprinter’s speed to chase down Garcon in the end zone, engaging his new favorite receiver in a running, leaping chest bump.

The third of Griffin’s three drives during his abbreviated appearance in the Redskins’ exhibition opener against the Buffalo Bills, a 7-6 Washington victory, transformed his night from a sobering exercise in reduced expectations to an unqualified success that will only enhance his standing with title-starved Redskins fans as the franchise’s new savior. Taking the ball from his 20-yard line, Griffin led the Redskins down the field in eight plays, three of them crisp completions to Garcon, the last of which, from Buffalo’s 20, resulted in the touchdown.

I only saw the highlights, but RG3 looked pretty comfortable in the pocket and he made some nice throws. Griffin definitely has a weapon in Garcon, but as Dave Sheinin pointed out in his column, the Redskins have some issues on the banged up offensive line. We’ll all be watching closely to see how he progresses leading up to the season.

From a fantasy point of view, Griffin has those incredible wheels, so you know guys will be looking to grab him as a #2 quarterback as he should run for more than a few TDs this year.

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