Casinobee plans to become a sponsor of the American Football Event


Gaining more popularity every day, American football remains one of the most popular sporting games in the world of gambling. Not only in the US, but gamblers from all around the world like to wager on the National Football League. Over the years, the event has continued to grow, bringing with it more surprising and impressive turnouts. Thus, it has attracted the attention of several sponsors willing to spend big time on NFL events.

Casinobee is another business willing to join the long list of NFL sponsors. The casino affiliate has been following the event and the most recent ways of betting on it for years and recently decided to join in. Now, the online casinos listed according to, also offer several betting options for the American League event.

However, as earlier mentioned, Casinobee is not the first and only NFL sponsor. In this article, we provide more information about some of the big-time spenders of the event and how much they have influenced it.

Nationwide Insurance

In 2017, Nationwide Insurance announced its sponsorship with the league for the next four years after three years of sponsorship with the event. The agreement also entailed that the brand will continue to present the yearly Walter Pay NFL Man of the Year award. The company is to present this award to a great NFL player who also dedicates their time to doing volunteer work.

The business also plays a significant role in the NFL by covering the basics regarding home and life insurance. Furthermore, National Insurance contributes to honoring and rewarding some of the best players.


Gatorade is one of the sponsors that has stuck with American football since 1983. Since the beginning of this sponsorship, the company has strived to create more awareness for the games. Additionally, it focuses on supporting the careers of several athletes who participate fully in the event.


Microsoft made immense contributions to the NFL by supplying surface tablets to the members of the league. These tablets serve as a digital playbook for coaches and players and as a monitoring tool for referees.

The company also helps fans to attend games virtually with the help of Microsoft Teams. This application is suitable for all devices and operating systems, and besides being used for business and academic purposes mostly, it is already one of the most popular sports apps among NFL fans. Microsoft Teams is perfect for video chats, online meetings, and sharing important files.

Bose Corporation

Bose focuses on making communication on the field easier; therefore, it has served as the provider of the NFL’s custom-made headset. The corporation benefited from its partnership with the NFL as it gained more attention to its products.


Visa has always been a proud supporter of sports, and the NFL is one of them. Since 1995, Visa has been providing exclusive services to the league and all of its events. The company continues to grow in strength and provides better and more secure means of payment. Thanks to that, bettors and fans of the event do not get to miss a single moment of the action.


With some of the biggest companies supporting the NFL, the game is bound to be more productive. This means that there will always be high-quality matches you can enjoy, as well as bet on. Thus, Casinobee aspires to become part of the partners who support and benefit from the revenue it generates.

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