Betting on the 2019 March Madness Tournament – Tips to Help You Cash In

There are two types of March Madness enthusiast: those who are content with just watching and those who find opportunities to make money off it (and still have fun watching). Those seeking to many money are numerous as bookies across the country are overwhelmed. Unfortunately, only a few of bettors will actually make any money.
It would be a shame if you lost your bets considering all the money there is to be made. These tips will help you get on the winning side.

• Listen to the Analysts

How well do you know about the NCAA Division I men’s college basketball? However big of a fan you may be, you can be sure that there is someone who knows more than you do. The analyst on your TV certainly does.

Analysts make it their business to learn everything they can about the sport – they are basically paid to do so. They know about each team’s strengths and weaknesses, the individual players, stadiums, and every factor that counts. They also seem to have great hunches about how the games will go, and many times these hunches are spot-on.

As such, take some time to listen to top analysts about their opinions on upcoming games. Go to leading TV channels such as ESPN and CBS for the best analysis. Avoid most of the analysts on the internet unless they are verifiable.

• Do Your Own Research

Analysts are pretty resourceful, but you shouldn’t take their word as the ultimate truth as they too make mistakes. Besides, you will be more at ease placing your bet knowing that you have turned every rock.

Use the analysts to get your leads on the ideal games and teams to bet on. Once you have your leads you can then proceed to do your research. Go to the internet and research about every important factor that counts. Research about each team: its stats in past games, its players’ individual stats and history, and virtually every detail that counts. Trust your research and back it up with opinions and predictions from the top analysts.

• Avoid Biases

It is easy to let biases come in the way especially when you are an enthusiastic fan of the sport. In most cases, amateur bettors make the common and often costly mistake of betting on their favorite teams, which in most cases are their home teams. This shows a lot of love and patriotism, but it is also a common way of losing money.
As mentioned earlier, trust your research and back it with opinions and predictions from top analysts. Separate your bets from your preferences. Place your bets on the best teams and let fate do the rest. You can make money and still cheer your favorite team on to whichever end.

• Don’t be Greedy or Afraid

There are millions upon millions of dollars to be made from betting on the 2019 March Madness tournament. However, it takes a lot of money to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, this is a gamble and you can never be sure of returns. As such, take it slow and bet only on the games that you are sure of. How much you bet on these games is a different matter entirely – it will depend on how much money you can afford to lose, so do not wager your life’s savings or entirely salary just because you have a good hunch.

Fear is also just as bad as greed as it will hold you back and likely keep you away from a good payday. As mentioned earlier, be confident in your research and analysis and wager a reasonable amount.


There will be many winners and losers by the time this tournament end and these tips should help place you among the former. Place your wagers with a clear mind, sit back and stream the 2019 March Madness live, and let the players do the rest – just don’t be greedy!

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