The absurdity of NFL officiating

This stat says it all:

We get it. The NFL has a real challenge on its hands as they try to make the game safer. And in some ways their efforts are paying off. Defensive backs have learned to stop the headhunting that was prevalent in the NFL for decades.

But things have been getting out of control this season, particularly with the absurd roughing the passer calls. It’s gotten to the point where fans believe the game is a joke, and the furor may be leading to an easing of that rule as demonstrated by last night’s game where calls were not made when defenders sacked and landed on Andrew Luck.

But the cumulative effect of the rules has led to offensive stats that are warping our perspective of quarterback play. As Richard Sherman pointed out, the rule changes are making average quarterbacks look like Hall of Famers. If you’re young enough to not have seen Joe Montana play, look up some videos on YouTube and you’ll see the beatings he took playing quarterback.

The NFL needs to make the game safer, but some level of common sense is required. Let’s hope that they continue to ease up on the ridiculous roughing the passer call.

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