NBA All-Star Weekend coming soon in LA

As we eclipse the halfway point in this 2017-18 NBA season it seems a good time to take look forward to NBA All-Star Weekend. Tipping off Friday February 16th with the Mountain Dew Kickstart Rising Stars Game & culminating on Sunday with the 67th NBA All-Star Game.

NBA All Star weekend isn’t quite the draw it once was and the league is taking the matter seriously and have been slowly updating events and formats to lure viewers back in. For example the Rising Stars Game has seen a lot of evolution since its inception back in 1994 when it was labeled the Rookie Challenge. Recently they have been fiddling with the format, in 2012 for example teams were drafted by captains Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. Then again in 2015 the game was tagged as USA vs The World which had international players going head to head with Americans. As of the writing of this article no specifics have been released about any special format additions for 2018.

Saturday brings us a trio of events, the Skills, 3 point & dunk contests are fan favorites and a perfect way to bridge the youngsters game with the big boys on Sunday. No official word on participants or any format upgrades, but fans know what to expect with these exhibitions. These contests of skill also present fans with unique betting opportunities in which they really are wagering on 1 player’s solo success. Sportsbooks will have live lines when rosters are announced so make sure to check betting sites for odds. The Slam Dunk contest has certainly become less of a spectacle than it had been when men like Jordan, Carter & Richardson we’re dominating. Many think young stars such as Donovan Mitchell & Dennis Smith need to utilized to a higher degree if the Lebrons of the world scoff at such a time waste. Some have even suggested bringing in viral dunkers such as Jordan Kilganon to participate. You might have seen him at the 2016 dunk contest where he was brought in as a little extra entertainment. This entailed him showing up every NBA pro in the building, all while wearing jeans. Less exciting are the skills and 3 point contests but all wrapped up together, you could do a lot worse on a Saturday night in February.

Perhaps the biggest story leading into NBA All-Star Weekend is the way the league has evolved and continues to update the main event All-Star Game. First off, the NBA changed their voting structure last season & will retain the same process for 2018. The general public makes up for 50% of the vote, with current players & media personalities accounting for 25% each. After the polls close on Monday January 15th, votes will be tallied and players will be ranked by position. The 10 players with the highest number of votes, 5 from each conference, will be named starters. What is new to this season’s main event how players will be placed on one of the two teams. The traditional East vs West showdown has been scrapped, the Eastern Conference goes out on top with a 37-29 record by the way. Instead the NBA has taken a page from the National Hockey League and is implementing a draft style format. Captains are determined by which 2 players, 1 from each conference, received the most votes. This could certainly cause some diva-like moments between former teammates who might not be too friendly anymore. Kevin Durant, for example leads Western Conference voting right now with former teammate and current enemy Russell Westbrook at 3rd. Might KD pass over his former facilitator after their recent squabbles? Only time will tell but these types of storylines will only serve to entice more of an audience & create some worthy headlines from an event that has stumbled over the last decade.

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