Prop Bets for 2017 NBA Playoffs

Entering the Conference semis of the NBA finals, there have been very few surprises other than the Utah Jazz upsetting the Los Angeles Clippers. During the first round, it became very apparent that the Golden State Warriors have put injuries behind them (see Kevin Durant and Head Coach Steve Kerr) and look poised to claim its second championship in three years. With all due respect for the upstart Boston Celtics, the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets and defending Champ Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors are playing at an elite level and figure to do so as long as Durant remains healthy.

With so many big spreads and lopsided games through the first two weeks of the playoffs, there might be other interesting betting options for sports gamblers who can’t resist betting the NBA playoffs. With each and every game, a great majority of the top online bookmakers are posting some rather intriguing proposition or prop bets. With a number of outstanding performances (see Isaiah Thomas’ 53-point performance against the Washington Wizards) night in and night out, it might be the right time to start focusing on player performances and setting aside the games and over/under wagers.

The advantage of betting proposition bets is the you don’t have to get bogged down in the statistical information for two teams. Instead, you can focus on a single team or player and make your wagering determinations with far less work. If you are patient enough and willing to use multiple online bookmakers, it’s quite possible you’ll find betting lines that are tempting and fair.

The most interesting proposition bets are usually those involving head to head matchups between star players. It was quite fun to look at a matchup like Houston’s James Harden versus Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook in the first round and try to determine which player would have more points and assists combined in a particular game.
The exact same kind of wagering opportunity will be available in the Boston versus Washington matchup where the NBA’s top two point guards, Thomas and Washington’s John Wall, are going to war in what figures to be an exciting 6-7 game series. As indicated above, Thomas scored 53 points in game one. What wasn’t mentioned was Wall responded with 40 points of his own in a game that went into overtime. For what it’s worth, Thomas ended the game with a combined 57 points/assists while Wall ended with 54. Imagine having a wager on one of those players and watching that kind of end to end activity.

If you are lucky and do the proper research, you should be able to find yourself an online bookmaker that’s offering free bets on the NBA playoffs, proposition bets included. With free bets, you’ll have a great opportunity to build a bankroll for the upcoming NBA Conference Finals and Championship series. If all goes well with the NBA, you’ll be well situated to wager on the upcoming NFL and NCAA FB seasons that begin in August/September.

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