How to Find Out Which Soccer Betting Sites You Should Use


Given the popularity of soccer in Europe and in most parts of the world, you will never see a shortage of betting sites that offer betting on football (soccer). However, the fact a site covers soccer shouldn’t automatically qualify it as a viable destination for your wagering dollar. If you want to hone in on the best sites available, you must establish certain criteria bookmakers must meet before they earn your patronage.

Betting Markets

If you truly enjoy betting on soccer matches, you want to have relationships with online bookmakers that cover a large variety of betting markets. There are excellent leagues and tournaments in countries like Spain, Germany, Colombia, Argentina and the United States. If you want to maximize the number of matches available to you year-round, find the bookmakers that offer the biggest menu of soccer betting options.

Betting Options

Almost any viable online bookmaker is going to offer standard soccer betting options such as straight bets and accumulators. If accumulators are important, you will want to focus on the sites that offer the best odds and the largest number of accumulators that can be included on a betting slip. When it comes tournament time, online bookmakers that offer prop bets and future odds on winners should get preference because of the simple fact they are offering more betting options.

Bonuses and Betting Promotions

When you are trying to decide which soccer betting sites you should sign up to, you may find several online bookmakers closely matched based on the first two criteria. When that happens, you should use each websites welcome bonus and betting promotions as a kind of tie-breaker.

Depending on your preferences, you should limit your selection process to include bookmakers that offer decent welcome bonuses. With the online gambling industry being so competitive, you have a right to require as much extra value for your wagering dollar as possible. Caution: you don’t want to look at welcome bonus offers and view them in terms of absolute dollar value only. An online bookmaker might offer a lot of money in free bets, but restrictive terms and conditions could render those bets useless. You would be best suited to look for bonus programs that have decent matching percentages and fair terms and conditions.

When all is said and done, it’s usually the betting promotions that will set one online bookmaker above the rest as far as customer value is concerned. The best betting promotions will offer you one of three things, extra value in the form of an odds boost, protection against a bad beat or falling short on a large accumulator, or some type of a free or unusual wagering opportunity. You will know almost immediately which type of betting promos carry the most appeal for you.

By prioritizing the above criteria and doing your homework, there’s an excellent chance you will find an online bookmaker or two that matches up well with your betting style. Your job is to be patient, do your homework and refuse to settle for less than what you deserve and expect from your online bookmaker.

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