The Stakes

The stakes are huge tonight for both teams as the NBA Finals kicks off in San Antonio. For the Heat, they’ve cruised to their fourth straight Finals after toying with the pathetic Eastern Conference. If they get the three-peat, then we’ll have to start listening to pundits discuss where this team ranks among the all-time greats. The same goes for Lebron.

But the flip-side for Lebron and the Heat isn’t so pretty. They choked several years ago against Dallas, and last year they were saved by a miracle finish in Game 6. For all his incredible basketball powers, Lebron James was poised to be the goat again last year with his mediocre performances for most of the series. So what if the Heat manage to lose this year and Lebron has a sub-par series?

On the other side, the Spurs have yet another chance to elevate their reputation to even higher levels. Tony’s Parker’s ankle might slow them down, but the rest of the team seems better than last year’s version.

It’s an epic matchup, and we’ll see if the games live up to the advance billing.

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