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Hate-Watching the Pacers

Jason Whitlock can be full of himself at times, but he’s still one of the best sportswriters out there. This recent column about the pain he experiences in watching his beloved Pacers is biting and hilarious. Of course he’s not the only one mocking Roy Hibbert and the emotionally fragile Pacers, but Whitlock does it more eloquently.

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Picture of the Day

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WSOP gets underway

pair of aces in poker with poker chips

This is the time of year for poker aficionados as the World Series of Poker gets underway at the Rio in Las Vegas. The Rio has been slipping in recent years as a Las Vegas destination, but the WSOP always brings it back to the forefront as it gets invaded by poker fans and players who have been brushing up their skills all year online working on their game and going for bonuses like the 888 poker bonus. The atmosphere changes completely this time of year as the Rio becomes a mecca for the poker world.

Every year brings new highlights along with new issues, and the Las Vegas Sun pointed out 25 things to look for with this year’s tournament. The Rio will get some new attention with the all-new VooDoo Zipline, which stretches from one tower of the Rio to the other. The zipline is strung 490 feet above the ground and you can get up to 33 MPH on this thing. This attraction gives you an idea of what the Rio needs to do these days to grab attention, as newer and trendier casinos have swiped many of the young and beautiful visitors who no longer see the Rio as a real option unless they’re trying to save cash.

As for the actual poker, developments in online play with new state regulations are also have an impact. Online players have changed the sport, but sanctioned tournaments can make things even more interesting to the point where the WSOP might start looking seriously at hybrid games. We’ll see how that plays out. Also, is making it easier now for fans to track the tournament action in real time.

There’s no doubt that the WSOP will do everything possible to keep its status as the top tournament and event in the world. This year’s Main Event is featuring a guaranteed $10 million first-place prize.

Heat flop their way to victory

Yes, the Heat have been dominating the pathetic Pacers since the second half of game 2. So don’t get all excited over the headline here. But the flopping by Dwyane Wade we see in this photo is so lame it needs to be pointed out. Lebron James had how own flop during the game as well.

These should be technical fouls. Period. Perhaps we just need another official who has all the TV monitors at his disposal.

Johnny Manziel likes to party

Right – like we didn’t know this already.

Well, stuff like this will get plenty of attention, because Johnny Manziel loves the attention and outlets like ESPN can’t talk enough about him. The whole topic is already exhausting.

In the end, the key here is whether he can perform at the highest level while maintaining this partying lifestyle. The best quarterbacks live and breath football, so you have to wonder about a trip to Las Vegas in the middle of his first OTAs with the Browns. Did he really maximize his learning of the playbook by hanging out in Las Vegas? Only a fool would think that. But, the issue is how he plays when it matters. If he stumbles, stuff like this weekend’s events will be thrown back in his face over and over again.

This isn’t 1976 when party animal Kenny Stabler led the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl season. Johnny Football’s antic will be broadcast everywhere. If he plays well and wins he’ll add to his legend. If he messes up he’ll have to answer for it.

Spectacular multi-slots with Mega Spin


First of all: what the frack are Mega Spin pokies?

Well, the Mega Spin is a new concept of pokies (slot machines) introduced by Microgaming, a casino software developed based in the Isle of Man. Basically, it’s like multi-hand poker: you play the pokies on more than one set of reels, for even faster gameplay and the chance to win multiplied.

Mega Spin is a popular concept, featured at most Microgaming – powered online casinos, like the Royal Vegas or Euro Palace. You can play several Mega Spin Pokies at Platinum Play: Double Magic, High 5 or Fantastic 7s (all replicas of classic three-reel pokies) and Major Millions, Microgaming’s popular progressive jackpot title.

The Mega Spin Major Millions offers its players the chance to win big – not quite major millions, as its name suggests, but hundreds of thousands – with a lucky spin.

Slot machines, or pokies, are the most popular games a player can find in an online casino. They are so popular that online gambling operators of all kinds – not just casino operators, but sportsbooks, poker rooms and bingo halls – use them as side games for their players.

Pokies were invented by an ingenious mechanic, Charles Fey, over a century ago. At first they only had three reels and one payline, but their number has increased considerably during the years. He didn’t know back then that he invented a whole new arm of the gambling industry.

Pokies were later admitted into Las Vegas casinos, and started their conquest of the world. First they invaded casino lobbies, later they have been introduced into various establishments – pubs, hotel lobbies and clubs. In the middle of the 1990s they even conquered the internet, after the first real money online casinos were introduced.

Nowadays pokies are the casino games with the most diversified offer online. Operators have literally hundreds of pokies in their offer, each one with its special bonuses, extra features and side games. Their themes cover everything a player might think of: shoes to shovels, fish to predators, leprechauns to fairies, or even TV shows and movies. There is a pokie out there for football fans and hockey junkies – whatever you can imagine. Mega Spin is an exclusive feature available only in Microgaming online casinos.

And not just online! Pokies are the perfect mobile games. Their reels usually fit on the smaller screens of smartphones, and are perfect for the bigger screens of tablets. They are the perfect game to play on the go: they can be started up and stopped in an instant.

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