Class permanent, form temporary?

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Among horse racing experts nowadays, nothing is more important than the form of each racehorse. What a horse has done in the past can be used to predict just how it may do in future races, and for this reason, when used properly, form can be an effective indicator and a clue as to how a race may unfold.

Many casual punters may choose to bet on a horse because they like the name or have a lucky number. More experienced race goers may have use basic methods of selecting a horse, such as an in-form jockey or trainer. However, the most hardcore, and often most successful, of punters will take into account a range of factors, mostly from how the horse has performed in the past, also known as its form. Form is made up by a few key statistics.

What To Look For

Class: This is an indicator of how the horse performed against other horses of a certain quality. For example, a horse may have won every race it has entered, but in a lower class of race, which may be a negative for his future chances against tougher opponents. On the other hand, a horse that has performed badly in a higher class may just need a step down in class to perform well, something which will be seen in its form. This can also affect the odds as obviously all races are looked at in isolation and you can only be as good as the opposition you face.

Distance: Along with class, another key point to note about a horse’s previous races is the distance of the race. A horse may have been well beaten in a previous race, but stayed on strongly towards the end. This may indicate that with a longer trip, the horse could perform much better.

Going: The going is a way of describing the condition of the ground in a race, for example ‘good’, ‘firm’, and ‘soft’. Some horses may have recorded their best performances on ground of a certain type, suggesting they prefer it. This can be an extremely important factor.

Course: Some horses, for whatever reason, simply perform better at certain racecourses. This can easily be seen within a horse’s form and is a favourite factor with form-readers.

Form can be an extremely important aspect of betting, and today races can come down to a clue hidden deep in the past performances of horses, and as much as things like the Coral form guide can help some days mystic meg would struggle . However, as with any of us, racehorses can simply have bad days which cannot be explained, but also, on the flip side, with a bit of luck a horse can win any given race. Due to this, form can be an excellent indicator, however, there is no accounting for improvements or good old fashioned luck, whether it be good or bad.

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