Will Jay Cutler grow up?

Image source: Chicago Bears Facebook page

The quarterback drives everything these days in the NFL. You need someone with talent, but you also need a leader. When fans and betting pros are researching picks for the weekend games, checking out the lines and researching the sports betting reviews, the biggest factor in the spread and who will win centers around a quarterback. Some people are taking this analysis to an extreme by totally downplaying the running game and defense, but the quarterback is still critical to any NFL game outcome.

Which brings us to Jay Cutler, a quarterback with a ton of talent who seems to have a ten cent head. He’s cocky, but he’s very inconsistent. He’s taken a beating in the pocket, so he’s shown to have toughness, yet you really never know which Jay Cutler is going to show up. And last week we saw his embarrassing tantrum against his left tackle.

Now Cutler isn’t the first diva quarterback to behave this way, and he certainly won’t be the last, but with all the problems he has with his own game, a bit of humble pie would do him some good. He has to be a leader and hold his teammates accountable, but how he does this is equally important.

Let’s see if he learns his lesson after this episode.

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