New mistress allegations for Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson craves attention, but his “look at me” lifestyle is starting to bite him in the behind. When you live your life on social media and reality TV, you really can’t complain when the media devours every aspect of your personal life, good and bad.

Chad Johnson is learning this the hard way, as he’s seen his marriage and career disintegrate on national television following his arrest, and now more information is coming out.

Not surprisingly, is reporting about other women allegedly in Chad’s life. According to Radar, Chad had a mistress in Atlanta that was basically his sugar baby. You can see a photo of Amber Priddy above, check out this Amber Priddy slideshow and see more of this exotic model courtesy of Black Men Magazine. According to this report, Chad was covering her rent and flying her in to Miami right under the nose of his new wife, Evelyn Lozada.

We aren’t here to judge, and Chad wasn’t doing anything that most athletes get away with, and you can see that Amber has some serious curves. But when you’re living your personal life in the spotlight, don’t be surprised when everything you’re doing gets exposed.

On the other hand, you have to feel for the guy. Chad was working hard to revive his career with the Miami Dolphins after sitting on the bench in New England for the past year. All of us could see him battling on “Hard Knocks.” Depending on your perspective, he could be annoying or hilarious, but he comes across as a good guy. But he put himself in a bad situation, apparently made a serious mistake, and now his entire life is getting even more scrutinized.

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