Knicks’ front office fractured over Carmelo talks?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports writes that Knicks management may be at odds over what is a worthwhile deal to make for Carmelo Anthony.

The Nuggets are selling the idea they’ll be content to keep Anthony through the Feb. 24 trade deadline if no one meets their demands. The Nuggets want to package Anthony and Chauncey Billups for a deal that includes Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, the expiring contract of Eddy Curry and a draft pick, the New York Daily News reported. Another source said Denver is still pushing for more Knicks players, including rookies Landry Fields and Timofey Mozgov, in the package.

“This is like the Nets talks all over again: Denver keeps moving the goal posts,” one league source said. “They don’t know what they want there.”

As the Daily News reported, the wild card is Knicks owner James Dolan and the looming possibility he could overrule his president and cut a deal with Denver himself. There are fears that Dolan is listening too much to former president and coach Isiah Thomas and possibly agents and representatives for Anthony who have agendas to undermine Walsh.

“Donnie isn’t going to make a one-sided deal and gut his team to get this done now,” said one league source who regularly speaks to Walsh. “He’ll end up with two unhappy stars because they have no supporting cast. But if Dolan gets more involved in this, he could really makes a mess of this.”

The reason a deal isn’t already done is because Donnie Walsh is exercising great patience. He knows that the Nuggets’ bargaining position isn’t as strong as they’d like people to believe. He thinks he can get Anthony and Billups for Gallinari, Felton and a first round pick (or Anthony Randolph), but it sounds like the Nuggets are continuing to ask for more.

But time’s a wastin’. The Nuggets aren’t likely to let the trade deadline pass without getting something for Carmelo. The team isn’t playing well and they aren’t a threat to make a strong playoff push with a fractured locker room. If Denver balks at a trade with the Knicks, then the Nuggets risk going the way of the Cavs or Raptors…and look at those teams now.

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