Kevin Kolb would welcome trade to Cardinals

After Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald mentioned his name as someone he hopes the Cardinals will trade for this offseason, Eagles’ quarterback Kevin Kolb said he wouldn’t mind if Arizona was brought up as a potenital landing spot if he were dealt.

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

“If he’s not the best than he’s one of the best WRs in the NFL, a superstar, for a guy like that to say something about me it means a lot. Awful flattering and if something happens I hope their name comes up.”

Frank Ward warns that the Eagles can’t afford to move Kolb right now.

First, there is no CBA going forward. Therefore, you don’t know what the rules will be. You do not know if the franchise tag will absolutely exist. Basically, you don’t know for a fact that Michael Vick is guaranteed to be an Eagle.

Second, even if he is, you need a solid backup in the NFL and especially if a guy like Vick is your starter. Dude is small and gets hit too much. We all saw injuries catch up to him this year.

As a result, you need to make sure you have a guy with some NFL experience who is comfortable and capable of performing in your system. Without a CBA, the Eagles can’t find someone to replace Kolb. Say a new deal isn’t struck until June or July. Then, you would have a few weeks to find someone and train him in your offense. Unless Koy Detmer comes out of retirement, forget about that.

Even if the Eagles were offered a first round pick straight up for Kolb, the chances of them making the deal are not as great as some think they would or should be.

He’s right. This isn’t Madden where you trade spare parts in order to pick up first and second round picks because you know the chances of your starter being injured isn’t very high. (And even if your little digital starter did go down, you could always just hit the reset button and make that injury vanish.)

As Ward noted, even if the Eagles were offered a first round pick at this time, they can’t do anything until the new CBA deal is in place. In fact, no team will. Everyone is in a holding pattern until the owners and NFLPA gets their heads out of their rear ends and start talking.

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