This isn’t going to make Giants or Bucs fans any happier…

Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll makes a point to his quarterback Charlie Whitehurst in the third quarter of the NFL’s Western Division Championship game on Sunday January 2, 2011 at Qwest Field in Seattle. The Seahawks beat the Rams 16-6. (UPI /Jim Bryant)

Jeff Sagarin publishes computer rankings for many different sports, including the NFL. Here is where he has the 12 playoff teams (plus the Bucs and G-Men) ranked this season.

1. New England (33.34)
2. Green Bay (30.64)
3. Pittsburgh (30.17)
4. Baltimore (26.30)
5. Atlanta (25.80)
6. NY Jets (25.19)

8. Philadelphia (23.91)
9. Chicago (23.79)
10. NY Giants (23.30)
11. Indianapolis (23.01)
12. New Orleans (22.89)

15. Tampa Bay (20.24)

18. Kansas City (19.06)

30. Seattle (11.55)

Next to each team name you’ll find Sagarin’s ‘pure points’ in parenthesis. Typically, oddsmakers will use the difference between each team’s number as a starting point when setting the line for the game.

Sagarin’s model says there are only two teams worse than Seattle this season: Arizona and Carolina.

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