I’m Just Saying: The Vikings have a home game in which the NFL is handing out free tickets so Lions fans can attend.

DETROIT - DECEMBER 12: People enter Ford Field prior to the start of the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on December 12, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. Ford Field will host the NFL football game between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings on Monday December 13 after a blizzard dumped more than 20 inches of snow in parts of the Midwest causing the inflatable roof to collapse under the weight of snow at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Mall of America Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. . (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

This is the second installment of my new column: “I’m Just Saying.” Peter King has a column (Monday Morning Quarterback), so it only makes sense that a well-respected sports blogger like myself has a column as well.

What? I’m not well-respected? Who the hell is Anthony Stalter? Peter King is more established?


– So let me get this straight, the NFL moved the Giants-Vikings game to a NFC North city and is handing out free tickets? If I’m the Vikings, I’m pissed. Nice home game for Minnesota – think any Lion fans will get sauced up and attend the game for free just to root against the Vikings?

– Of course, if the roof of the Metrodome weren’t made of paper mache, the Vikings wouldn’t have to worry about playing at Ford Field.

– Does anyone else find it ironic that Sal Alosi’s job as the Jets’ head strength and conditioning coach is to help players get in shape and avoid injuries and he goes out and trips a Dolphins player…who gets injured? You stay classy, Sal Alosi.

– I’m willing to bet that if the Patriots played all of their games in a blizzard, they would be 19-0 and will have beaten their opponents by a combined score of 855-17.

– The Titans’ backdoor cover against the Colts on Thursday night was one of the worst backdoor covers in the history of backdoor covers. First of all, Indy was up 21-0 in the first half. So what should have been a blowout actually turned into a decent game because their defense is made of Charmin extra soft tissue paper. After they allowed Tennessee to crawl back in the second half, Peyton Manning had not one, but two chances to waste the clock and move the ball and he did neither. Then, with the Colts up by 10 in the final minutes of the game (they were favored by 3), Jeff Fisher trots out Rob Bironas for a field goal attempt but calls him back instead. He decides to put his offense back onto the field and Kerry Collins marches the Titans up the field for a touchdown on the final play of the game (a 4th down no less) and covers the spread. If Fisher were actually trying to win the game, he would have kicked the field goal and tried an onsides kick (he needed 10 points, after all). But because he was trying to screw bettors (which is the only logical explanation here), he decided to go for the touchdown and run the clock down to zero in the process. Final score: Colts 30, Titans 28. Thanks, Jeff.

Sep 12, 2010; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher watches on the sidelines during the game against the Oakland Raiders at LP Field. The Titans defeated the Raiders 38-13. Photo via Newscom

– Speaking of Fisher and the Titans, I loved his explanation after the game as to why Randy Moss didn’t play much (because Moss and Kenny Britt play the same position). I’m sorry, is he running the triple option? Can you not have Randy Moss and Kenny Britt on the field at the same time? Nice coaching.

– I firmly believe that if Cleveland fans had to make a choice between watching Derek Anderson quarterback their team or Jake Delhomme, they’d opt for c) the sweet release of death.

– I’m a little confused by Mike McCarthy’s game plan in Detroit on Sunday. The Lions’ weakness is clearly their defensive backfield and the Packers’ strength is clearly their passing game. So why McCarthy decided to establish the run is beyond me. What’s worse is that the Packers stuck with the run when it wasn’t working. What, did you think you were going to pull a fast one on the Lions, Mike?

– From now on, the Detroit Lions defense will be known only as Ndamukong Suh. “Man, the Ndamukong Suh is playing lights out today.”

– I would write something about the Redskins’ botched extra point but that would be too easy. To watch that catastrophe live was punishment enough for Mike Shanahan and Co.

– I’m starting to think that Jimmy Clausen flat out enjoys being hit. Because there’s no way a quarterback has that little pocket presence.

– The Raiders-Jaguars contest was the most entertaining game of the day and absolutely nobody outside of Jacksonville saw it.

– Sam Bradford ran down Saints’ safety Roman Harper in the open field after Harper scooped up an apparent fumble recovery (the play was overturned because the runner was down) and started racing down field. I don’t know whether to laud Bradford for one of the best hustle plays of the year or criticize Harper for actually being run down by a freaking quarterback.

– With their 40-21 shellacking of the Seahawks on Sunday, the 5-8 49ers are now one game out of first place in the NFC West. If the Giants, Packers or Bucs don’t make the playoffs and a 7-9 NFC West team does, then the NFL should fold up shop for good.

– What time does the Patriots-Bears game start?

– Only the Packers-Lions debacle could hold a candle to the crap football that went at the New Meadowlands. Watching Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne try to move their offenses is like watching a drunk try to start a car with his house key.

– Who would have thought that at the beginning of the year that pundits would be saying, “Man, the Chiefs really need Matt Cassel to come back soon – he’s the key to their playoff hopes.”

– I’m starting to feel the hits Michael Vick is absorbing from my couch.

– Hopefully Kyle Orton still has Josh McDaniels’ number saved in his phone because they’ll both be looking for work soon.

I’m Just Saying…

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