Clippers owner heard taunting Baron Davis from sideline

Mar 1, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (left) and Dave Winfield (center) watch during the game against the Utah Jazz at the Staples Center.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling is frustrated with the way his team is playing and is taking out most of his frustration on free agent disappointment Baron Davis:

Sterling has expressed his displeasure about Davis’ play by taunting him from his courtside seat at Clippers’ home games, several sources told Yahoo! Sports. Among Sterling’s verbal barbs:

– “Why are you in the game?”

– “Why did you take that shot?”

– “You’re out of shape!”

For his part, Davis didn’t go into specifics when asked about the situation:

“There’s nothing I can say,” Davis said of Sterling’s taunts. “I have no comment on that. You just get to this point where it’s a fight every day. It’s a fight. You’re fighting unnecessary battles. I’m fighting unnecessary battles.

Sterling is widely regarded as the worst owner in sports and the Clippers would be far better off if he just sold the team and focused on his real estate business.

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