2010 NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 06: (L-R) Jermaine Cunningham  and Jarrad Page  of the New England Patriots celebrate a defensive stop in the second quarter against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on December 6, 2010 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

In what is often viewed as the most exciting time of year, I just realized that there’s only four weeks left in the regular season.

Is it really almost over? Where did the time go? The Kansas City Chiefs are what?!

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1. New England Patriots
Previous Week: 1
Many people believe the Jets aren’t as good as their record indicates and honestly, I don’t have a problem with that logic. I predicted in preseason that the Jets wouldn’t make the playoffs, so I’m well aware of their potential fluke-e-ness. That said, to insinuate that the only reason the Patriots dominated on Monday night was because the Jets aren’t that good would be an insult to New England. The Jets may be overrated, but they’re not 45-3 in what was supposed to be a matchup of the two best teams in the AFC overrated.

2. Atlanta Falcons
Previous Week: 2
We knew the Falcons were going to have issues with the Bucs last week. They were coming off a four-game stretch have playing playoff contenders, had won five in a row and hadn’t turned the ball over in four-straight games. They were due to have a letdown and seeing as how competitive Tampa has been this season, it wasn’t shocking that Atlanta needed all 60 minutes to win last Sunday. But it was impressive that they were able to pull off yet another fourth quarter comeback. All this team does is win.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
Previous Week: 3
Ben Roethlisberger was playing on a broken foot, suffered a broken nose in the first quarter, had little protection and no running game Sunday night in Baltimore and he still found a way to lead the Steelers to victory (albeit with a huge assist from Troy Polamalu). What a gritty performance.

4. New Orleans Saints
Previous Week: 5
I’m a little shocked that the Saints’ defense allowed Carson Palmer and the inconsistent Cincinnati offense to march up and down the field on them, but winning on the road is never easy and that’s exactly what New Orleans did. That Monday Night Football game between the Saints and Falcons in two weeks is shaping up to be the game of the year.

5. New York Jets
Previous Week: 4
I have all kinds of issues ranking the Jets in the top 5 after the Patriots dismantled them on Monday night, but I’ve given other teams in the top 10 mulligans so this will be New York’s. That said, you’ve got issues, Rex Ryan.

6. Baltimore Ravens
Previous Week: 6
I don’t take issue with John Harbaugh’s decision to go for it on fourth-and-two and not attempt a 48-yard field goal into the swirling wind on Sunday night. Had Joe Flacco not short-armed the throw to Ed Dickson, the drive would have continued and maybe the Ravens would have pulled out a victory in overtime. That said, I do have issue with Flacco not making an adjustment when he saw Troy Polamalu was about to blitz on the Ravens’ previous possession. Flacco has to audible in that situation to avoid disaster, which is exactly what occurred when Polamalu stripped him from behind.

7. Chicago Bears
Previous Week: 7
That was a pretty uninspiring win for the Bears in Detroit on Sunday. But after beating the Eagles the week prior and everyone jumping on their bandwagon, I guess it was inevitable. The key is that they won and they completely shut the Lions down in the second half.

8. Philadelphia Eagles
Previous Week: 8
The Eagles’ defense looks awfully vulnerable the past two weeks, although not having Asante Samuel in their secondary doesn’t help. Michael Vick and Co. better not overlook a revitalized Cowboys team this weekend.

9. Green Bay Packers
Previous Week: 7
There’s an argument to be made that the Packers should be ranked ahead of the Bears, but given that a) the teams are even, b) the Bears are playing incredibly well right now and c) they’ve already beaten Green Bay once this season, the Pack will have to settle for the No. 9 spot for now. But they’ll have their chance over the next four weeks to prove that they should be hire. It’s going to be a wild stretch-run in the NFC North.

10. New York Giants
Previous Week: 11
I fully admit that I thought the Redskins would give the Giants trouble last week. Now I fully admit that I didn’t grasp how bad the Redskins really are, which is saying something seeing as how bad the Eagles beat them on Monday night a couple of weeks ago, I know.

11. Kansas City Chiefs
Previous Week: 13
What a letdown. I thought for sure Todd Haley was going to run up the score on Josh McDaniels last Sunday after what transpired between the Chiefs and Broncos earlier this year (when Denver gave KC the beating of a life time). Instead, the game was a complete dud as both offenses decided to take the day off. Alas, Haley had the last life anyway when McDaniels was fired on Monday.

12. San Diego Chargers
Previous Week: 10
As if anyone needed more proof that parity exists in the NFL, the Raiders swept the Chargers this season and looked great while doing it. The Chargers better hope the Chiefs start losing real soon.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars
Previous Week: 15
If you’re searching for reasons as to how the Jaguars have been so good lately, you can start with the play of defensive tackles Terrence Alualu and Tom Knighton.

14. Indianapolis Colts
Previous Week: 12
It’s high time Peyton Manning take a step back, hits the re-set button and starts over. What has transpired to this point doesn’t matter. He’s got four weeks to win four games and get the Colts back to the playoffs.

15. Tampa Bay Bucs
Previous Week: 14
The Bucs’ inexperience came out on Sunday. After they scored to make it 24-14 midway through the fourth quarter, they thought they had the Falcons beat. One Eric Weems’ 102-yard kickoff return later and Atlanta was right back within striking distance. Matt Ryan, who the Bucs had done a great job with throughout the entire game, took over from there and that was all she wrote. It’s going to be tough for the Bucs to make the playoffs now that top corner Aqib Talib is out for the year.

16. Dallas Cowboys
Previous Week: 17
How about them Cowboys? Right before Wade Phillips was fired I had the ‘Boys ranked at No. 30. Now they’re knocking on the door of being in the top-15 again thanks to Jason Garrett and Jon Kitna’s miracle work. A .500 season is well within grasp, although they have a tough task this Sunday against the Eagles.

17. Minnesota Vikings
Previous Week: 19
Tarvaris Jackson got bailed out by his receivers on a lot of his throws last Sunday, but that doesn’t change the fact that he should start the rest of the year. Look, there’s only four weeks remaining in the season. Jackson may be around next year if the Vikings have an opportunity to evaluate him over the next month. They already know Brett Favre won’t be back so why not play Jackson?

18. Oakland Raiders
Previous Week: 23
This is a big jump but why not? The Chargers were arguably the hottest team in football entering Sunday and Oakland beat them like a rented mule.

19. Cleveland Browns
Previous Week: 21
That was a hideous game between the Browns and Dolphins on Sunday. Amazing how people actually watched that monstrosity from start to finish.

20. Miami Dolphins
Previous Week: 18
See directly above.

21. Houston Texans
Previous Week: 18
Such high hopes come crashing down yet again for the Texans. Will this team ever make the playoffs?

22. St. Louis Rams
Previous Week: 24
It’s tough to win on the road in the NFL and the Rams just did it in back-to-back weeks. Granted, they played the Broncos and Cardinals but wins are wins – especially for a team that only had one last year. Now can they win in New Orleans this week?

23. Seattle Seahawks
Previous Week: 26
The Seahawks can do two things with a win against the 49ers on Sunday: Take sole possession of first place in the NFC West (assuming the Rams lose in New Orleans) and put the Niners out of their misery.

24. Washington Redskins
Previous Week: 20
What a complete and utter mess this entire franchise is.

25. Tennessee Titans
Previous Week: 22
I swear this team was competing with the Colts atop the AFC South not to long ago.

26. San Francisco 49ers
Previous Week: 25
So let me get this straight, Troy Smith wins three of five games for Mike Singletary and he gets benched for Alex Smith? The same Alex Smith who couldn’t get it done earlier in the year? Singletary will be the next head coach fired – I guarantee it.

27. Cincinnati Bengals
Previous Week: 29
Where has that Bengals’ offense been all year?

28. Buffalo Bills
Previous Week: 27
So much for the Bills competing every week. I guess it was about time they were crushed.

29. Denver Broncos
Previous Week: 28
Okay, so you fired Josh McDaniels. Now what, Denver?

30. Arizona Cardinals
Previous Week: 30
I’ve said this a couple of times since Sunday but I think it bares repeating: Just how bad was Matt Lineart?

31. Detroit Lions
Previous Week: 31
Drew Stanton looked good in the first half on Sunday. Granted, he was basically running a college offense that the Bears promptly shut down in the second half, but he looked good nonetheless.

32. Carolina Panthers
Previous Week: 32
The Panthers shot their load in the first half on Sunday. They scored 14 quick points and then decided that they’ve done enough for the day.

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