I’m Just Saying: How bad could Matt Leinart have really been?

Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Derek Anderson leaves the field after the Cards game with the St. Louis Rams at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ December 5,2010. Anderson was replaced in the second half as the Rams defeated the Cards 19-6. UPI/Art Foxall Photo via Newscom

I’m starting a new column and I’m calling it “I’m Just Saying.” Peter King has a column (Monday Morning Quarterback), so it only makes sense that a well-respected sports blogger like myself has a column as well.

What? I’m not well-respected? Who the hell is Anthony Stalter? Peter King is more established?


– Let’s hold off on the Giants-look-like-Super-Bowl-contenders-again talk after they beat a crap Redskins team. After their effort against the Eagles and Giants over the past few weeks, I’m fully convinced that Oregon could beat the Redskins on a neutral field.

– Hey Josh Freeman, I’d stay away from Brent Grimes the next time Atlanta comes to down. Dude is small but he’s often the most athletic player on the field.

– Lion fans are pissed about the unnecessary roughness penalty on Ndamukong Suh for the forearm shiver that he delivered to Jay Cutler’s back, but riddle me this, Batman: Was the play avoidable? Could Suh have chosen not to go GSP on Cutler and still gotten him down? What I’m asking is: Was it necessary roughness?

– I’m pretty sure I could think of two reasons not to start Brett Favre for every one reason that Leslie Fraizer comes up with. Let’s start with these: His touchdown to interception ratio this year is 10:17 and even after his effort on Sunday, one could make an argument that Ryan Fitzpatrick is better at this point in his career. That’s right – Ryan Fitzpatrick. So why not Tarvaris Jackson, Leslie?

– Is there any reason Marion Barber should get carries for the Cowboys with how good Felix Jones and Tashard Choice looked against the Colts? Sorry, is there any good reason I mean to write.

– You’re lucky the Colts wound up scoring anyway, Eric Foster.

– Hey Peyton: blue shirts, white helmets, my man.

– As long as Jeff Fisher stays in Tennessee (which may only be until the end of the year), he will be haunted by LeGarrette Blount. Just make room next time, Fish.

– The Packers’ throwback uniforms prove that color did, in fact, not exist in 1929.

– Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown an interception in five straight games and finished with a season-high 135.1 passer rating against the Niners. Someone say that he’s not the best quarterback in the league right now. Say it!

– The Great Wall of China wouldn’t have held Donald Driver out of the end zone on his 61-yard touchdown reception.

– There are two halves in a football game, Carolina.

– Try celebrating after you reach the end zone, Leon Washington.

– Here’s how I know that nobody knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the NFL: Raiders 28, Chargers 13. Anyone who said before today that the Raiders would win outright is either an Oakland fan or a liar. Same goes for anyone who said the Raiders would sweep the Bolts this season.

– Did Raymond James host a college football game on Saturday or a monster truck rally? That turf was nasty…

– The Lions basically ran a college offense with Drew Stanton under center and scored 20 points on the Bears’ defense. I’m…just…saying.

– Randy Moss is putting on a clinic for what not to do in the final year of your contract.

– Are there any available special team coaches? The Chargers may need one…

– Is there any question that Champ Bailey can still play at an elite level? Dwayne Bowe, who has been nearly unstoppable for a month-plus now, was held to zero catches on Sunday.

– How could you jump offsides on that fourth down, Pat Sims? I mean, you know the only reason the Saints were lined up for a play was because they were trying to draw you offsides and you jump offsides? For realsies? That’s almost as bad as a runner getting picked off at first base after the pitcher fakes to third.

– It’s hard to make Jake Delhomme look good, so congrats, Chad Henne.

– How bad was Matt Leinart for Ken Whisenhunt to say, “Let’s go with Derek Anderson,” before the season?

I’m just saying…

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