2010 NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning talks to his offense in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears at New Meadowlands Stadium in week 4 of the NFL in East Rutherford, New Jersey on October 3, 2010. The Giants defeated the Bears 17-3.   UPI /John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

Thanks to a controversial finish in Miami, the Steelers retain their spot at the top for one week. After that, however, it’s pure, unadulterated chaos, as usual.

Let’s get nasty, Ricky.

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1. Pittsburgh Steelers
Previous Ranking: 1
The NFL says that the officials in the Pittsburgh-Miami game got the call right on Big Ben’s fumble at the goal line. I think that’s crap, but it doesn’t change my opinion that this is currently the best team in the league. That may change with a loss to the Saints this Sunday though.

2. Indianapolis Colts
Previous Week: 2
We’ll see how the Dallas Clark and Austin Collie injuries play out before moving the Colts from this spot. With the Texans coming to town on Monday night, we’re about to learn a lot about this Indy team.

3. New York Jets
Previous Week: 2
The Jets are fortunate to get a banged up Packers team at home while coming off a bye this Sunday. Now they have to take advantage of it and keep pushing forward.

4. New England Patriots
Previous Week: 4
Not a very dominating performance out in San Diego last week, but wins are the only thing that matter. Good teams take advantage of the gifts that opponents give them, which is exactly what the Pats did last Sunday. That said, they’re fortunate not to have blown a double-digit fourth quarter lead.

5. New York Giants
Previous Week: 7
There’s no doubt the Giants need to cut down on the turnovers (they’re averaging about 34 a game right now), but they’re dominating teams right now. Romo or no Romo, after the two early interceptions on Monday night, the Giants were in complete control. This is your favorite in the NFC East from here on out.

6. Baltimore Ravens
Previous Week: 5
It looked like the Ravens had already gone into their bye last week against the Bills. There’s no excuse to give up 34 points to Buffalo at home, but John Harbaugh and Co. will get things straightened out this week.

7. Tennessee Titans
Previous Week: 11
If Kenny Britt can stay out of Jeff Fisher’s doghouse long enough to stay on the field, then he gives the Titans what they’ve been desperately searching for in terms of a deep threat. This team is starting to play with a little more consistency from week to week and is now an under-the-radar contender in the AFC.

8. Philadelphia Eagles
Previous Week: 8
It’ll be interesting to see how Michael Vick performs coming off his injury. Kevin Kolb did his job to keep the Eagles afloat while Vick was out, but now it’s time to turn it up a notch because the Giants are rolling. I didn’t move the Eagles down this week after a bad second half in Tennessee because this is still the same team that absolutely dominated the Falcons two weeks ago.

9. Atlanta Falcons
Previous Week: 9
Although they let the Bengals back into the game after building a 24-3 lead, it was impressive to watch the Falcons reinsert their foot on Cincinnati’s throat in the fourth quarter. Their offense also found the vertical passing game for one of the first times all year and Michael Turner bounced back after a poor outing in Philadelphia two weeks ago. The bye week comes at a great time for this team, as injuries are starting to mount.

10. Green Bay Packers
Previous Week: 10
The Packers hold onto their top-10 ranking after beating the Vikings, although they have another tough outing this week in East Rutherford. The Jets will be coming off their bye and it’s scary to think about what Rex Ryan will drum up in terms of a pass rush while game planning to face Aaron Rodgers.

11. New Orleans Saints
Previous Week: 6
Brutal, just brutal. The Saints gave the Browns every opportunity to beat their asses last week and that’s exactly what Cleveland did. The Browns aren’t as bad as everyone thinks, but they’re not 30-17 better than the Saints in New Orleans. Sean Payton and Drew Brees must be ecstatic that Reggie Bush could play this Sunday against the Steelers. This team is completely punchless right now.

12. Houston Texans
Previous Week: 12
Do you think we’ll see any of Arian Foster next Monday night in Indianapolis?

13. Miami Dolphins
Previous Week: 14
Even though they lost, I’ll move the Fish up one spot after the refs hosed them last Sunday at home. I don’t get into conspiracy theories, but there’s nothing I can say when people bring up how things are rigged for the Steelers – not after what transpired in the final minutes last week in Miami.

14. Washington Redskins
Previous Week: 16
DeAngelo Hall has always been a loudmouth who thinks he’s better than what he really is. But there’s no doubt the guy is a playmaker.

15. Kansas City Chiefs
Previous Week: 17
Nobody should count the Chargers out yet, but the Chiefs have a golden opportunity to increase their lead in the AFC West over the next month. Look at the pus they play the next four weeks: vs. Bills, at Raiders, at Broncos, vs. Cardinals.

16. Chicago Bears
Previous Week: 13
Blue jerseys, blue helmets, Jay Cutler.

17. Minnesota Vikings
Previous Week: 15
It’s a shame that Brett Favre’s consecutive starts streak appears to be coming to an end, but if he’s not healthy then get him out of there. It’s not like he he’s playing well right now anyway; he’s completing under 60% of his passes and is turning the ball over at a record clip.

18. Seattle Seahawks
Previous Week: 20
Looking at their schedule from here on out, there’s no reason the Seahawks can’t finish 9-7 and win the NFC West. Not with games against the Raiders, Cardinals, Panthers, 49ers, Bucs and Rams (at home) coming up.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Previous Week: 26
Why the big jump? Look at the crap that follows the Bucs in the rankings and then you tell me which team deserves this spot.

20. Dallas Cowboys
Previous Week: 18
D.o.n.e. Tony Romo’s injury aside, the Cowboys couldn’t stop New Mexico State from scoring right now. They’re pathetic.

21. Arizona Cardinals
Previous Week: 19
So much for the Cardinals reclaiming the NFC West. Hopefully rookie Max Hall will be back this week when the Cards host the Bucs.

22. San Diego Chargers
Previous Week: 21
I really thought the Chargers were going to beat the Patriots this week and start their climb up the AFC West standings. Then their offense shat themselves in the first half and I thought to myself, “Yes, this team really is that bad.”

23. Cincinnati Bengals
Previous Week: 23
Nice third quarter effort in Atlanta last week, but the Bengals can’t seem to figure out that they have to play four quarters. Their lack of a pass rush is killing them.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars
Previous week: 22
For a second I thought that the Jags were going to give the Chiefs a run for their money last week. Then the same defense that played last Monday night against the Titans showed up and it was all downhill from there.

25. Oakland Raiders
Previous: 29
This has to be the goofiest team in the NFL. On any given Sunday they could lay an egg in San Francisco against a previously winless 49ers team or score 59 points in Denver. The Oakland Raiders, the ultimate crapshoot.

26. Denver Broncos
Previous Week: 24
Words can’t even begin to describe how bad the Broncos’ effort was last Sunday against the Raiders. Did they think that Oakland was just going to come in and lay down as they walked all over them? Where was the fight that they had shown the previous week against the Jets?

27. Cleveland Browns
Previous Week: 30
Here’s a stat for ya: With their win over the Saints last Sunday, the Browns have now beaten the defending Super Bowl champion in three straight years. Weird.

28. Detroit Lions
Previous Week: 28
Call me a naïve fool, but I actually think the Lions could still make a small run in the NFC North with the issues the Bears, Packers and Vikings have. I’m dying to see what Matthew Stafford can do after the team’s bye.

29. St. Louis Rams
Previous Week: 25
So close, Rams – so close. They’re smelling their first road victory but they just can’t get there.

30. Carolina Panthers
Previous Week: 31
Nice work, Matt Moore.

31. San Francisco 49ers
Previous Week: 27
Mike Singletary thinks the 49ers can still make the playoffs. I think Mike Singletary is delusional. Both of us can’t be right.

32. Buffalo Bills
Previous Week: 32
Not a bad effort by the Bills, but they came up just short. This team is just too banged up defensively to hang with opponents for four quarters.

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