Was Ines Sainz’ attire appropriate for a locker room?

As you probably have heard, the Jets are being investigated by the NFL for unbecoming conduct towards reporter/personality Ines Sainz, who was in the Jets’ locker room interviewing Mark Sanchez.

Clinton Portis chimed in and defended the players, and has since apologized. Here’s a picture of what Sainz was wearing that day.

Is that appropriate for a locker room? Some argue that for the hour that the locker room is open to the media, it is their workplace as well, and just because someone is wearing super-tight jeans, it doesn’t give the players the right to hoot and holler.

Agreed. But should she go into the locker room dressed like that in the first place?

For her part, Sainz has downplayed the incident, but has said that she thought the players acted inappropriately.

What does she expect? She walks into a testosterone-filled room wearing skin tight jeans that shows every single one of her considerable curves (presumably to draw attention to her figure) and of course guys are going to react.

Provocative attire provokes.

Here’s an interview with Sainz where she describes what happened:

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