Living Lighter: Five things Tom Brady should do instead of watching “Hard Knocks”

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Tom Brady recently said he hates the Jets so he’s not going to support them by watching “Hard Knocks.” Good for him.

Free of charge, here are five suggestions of things he could do instead:

5. Go antiquing…with his wife, Gisele Bundchen.
What’s antiquing, you ask? Well, it’s the act of shopping for antiques. (Don’t laugh.) The thought of it would make most men want to run their heads straight into a steel pole, but if you could afford to buy anything you want and follow this around all day, you’d make an exception too.

4. Take a cooking class…with Gisele.
My mother used to say that nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal. So why not take a cooking class with Gisele? Think of all the fun nights they’d have in the kitchen making dinner – clothing optional. Who knows, maybe this scene will ensue.

3. Wash his car…with Gisele.
He wouldn’t be a red blooded American male if he wasn’t out in the driveway doing something on the weekends. So why not wash that new Mercedes, and ask Gisele to pitch in? And maybe she wears nothing but a white T-shirt and some jean shorts? And gets a little wet? We’re just spitballin’ here, right?

2. Go horseback riding…with Gisele.
Rent a couple of stallions, hit the trail with the wife and see what happens. Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun. Maybe after a little truth or dare, she’ll agree to ride bareback.

1. Go lingerie shopping…with Gisele.
How great would it be to go to Victoria’s Secret with a Victoria’s Secret model? Only a handful of guys have that opportunity and Tom Brady is one of them. He should take advantage, and spend the afternoon in the dressing rooms letting Gisele model all that Victoria’s Secret has to offer.

The truth is, everything’s better with Gisele.

Must-see bonus video after the jump.

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