Is Favre worse than LeBron?

Green Bay Packers fans mock Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre during the first quarter at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on November 1, 2009. Favre returned to Lambeau Sunday for the first time in an opposing team's uniform. UPI/Brian Kersey Photo via Newscom

As a longtime Packer fan, the last few years of the Brett Favre saga have been particularly tough, especially his decision to sign with the Green Bay’s arch-rival. But the fitting end to the Vikings’ playoff run quenched every Packer fans thirst for karma, comeuppance, whatever. On one hand it would have been fun if Minnesota had crashed and burned to a 6-10 season, but there’s something wonderful about the fact that the Vikings were thisclose to a Super Bowl and their (adopted) prodigal son threw a horrible pass — in a season where he didn’t throw very many (for a change) — that sealed the hugely disappointing loss.

Now he’s doing his annual retirement dance again and appears to be stirring up the media to satisfy his need for attention.

Kevin Hench of Fox Sports argues that Favre’s antics are worse than LeBron’s.

Which is worse for a fan, death by a thousand cuts (Favre) or one swift decapitation (LeBron)?


Favre put his loyal lady through hell for several offseasons, took up with a far-off mistress for a year, then came back to town with the one woman he had to know would most devastate his ex.

Compare that with LeBron. He didn’t waffle. His heart didn’t wander and return, wander and return, wander and return year after year. He was ramrod loyal to his betrothed. Until he wasn’t.


The doors to the bedroom flew open, and there was South Beach astride LeBron. End of story.

LeBron announced his departure from Cleveland the way Rudy Giuliani conveyed that he was leaving wife Donna Hanover for a younger coworker with more upside. On TV.

It may not have been classy, but it was definitive.

For a month, LeBron has been annihilated for the way he handled “The Decision.” But Favre’s latest retirement reminds us there was actually a much worse way to handle things: the Brett Favre Way.

Sometime last summer, the tide turned against Favre. People still enjoy watching him play, but given his annual antics, far more football fans are rooting against him than ever before.

Other than in a few households in Wisconsin, he’s not as hated or reviled like LeBron is, because Favre’s history with Green Bay was far more successful than LeBron’s run in Cleveland. People are just sick of his act.

What’s worse — death by a thousand cuts or one swift decapitation?


(I love you, Aaron Rodgers.)

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