Blogging the Bloggers: MJ, Wade, Penny and more

SPARTY AND FRIENDS wishes that Michael Jordan would just shut up.

– BUCKETS OVER BROADWAY doesn’t like Dwyane Wade’s decision to bring up 9/11 in a conversation about basketball, though to be clear he brought it up in such a way to say that it doesn’t compare to basketball. Still, athletes everywhere should take note: do NOT talk about 9/11 with relation to basketball. Ever. Don’t do it.

– TRUEHOOP suggests wonders why Michael Jordan was critical of LeBron James joining the Super Friends in Miami when he himself was so bitter towards Jerry Krause, the architect of all of those championship teams.

– Wonder how the Heat fit Wade, LeBron and Bosh under the salary cap and were able to sign Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem? Read HOOPWORLD’s excellent explanation.

– With the news that Penny Hardaway wants to make a comeback, CELTICS TOWN lists five players who should follow in his footsteps.

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