Al Jefferson, the anti-Boozer?

Feb. 05, 2010: Minnesota Timberwolves center Al Jefferson finished with 15 points during an NBA game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX Minnesota defeated Dallas 117-108.

Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune thinks so. Here, he compares Jefferson to Carlos Boozer:

Nobody wants to beat down the guy who was here before, while propping up the newcomer, but the former cared much more about his personal investment in himself than his personal investment in his team. Jefferson is a whole other thing.

Here’s why that matters: Teammates pick up on that stuff. They know about concerns regarding financial security, about taking care of No. 1, and that certainly has an important place. But, at some point, a pillar of a team has to have strong, authentic feelings — convictions, really — about winning and sacrificing and paying the competitive price for the guys who are on the court and in the locker room with him.

Jefferson is that.

Assuming his knees are okay, Jefferson should be a nice addition to the Jazz and an overall ‘better deal’ than Boozer. Deron Williams is said to be very happy with the acquisition, and that’s important for the franchise.

Jefferson has played for losing teams for much of his career, so it will be interesting to see how he fares in Utah’s winning environment.

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