No reason Stephen Strasburg should have been left off the NL All-Star roster

Washington Nationals starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg delivers to a New york Mets batter in the first inning of their National League MLB baseball game in Washington, July 3, 2010. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

I’m fully aware that he has only been pitching for about a month. I’m also aware that there are other pitchers in the National League who have been equally as impressive (the Cardinals’ Jamie Garcia being one of them).

But there’s still no excuse why Stephen Strasburg was left off the NL All-Star Game roster. In fact, there’s only one reason why he should be getting ready to pitch in L.A. two weeks from now and it has nothing to do with the number of starts he’s made or batters he has struck out so far in his young career.

Ever since Bud Selig decided to make the All-Star Game relevant in 2003 by awarding the winner home field advantage in the World Series, the pastime has taken on a ton of importance. And seeing as how the game means so much for the league that wins, isn’t it vital for both teams to field the best players?

Strasburg can help the National League win and really, that’s all that should matter when it comes down to whether or not a player should make the roster. I realize that the league still wants the fans to have a voice when it comes to voting and that’s fine. I think having fans vote on the eight position player starters for each league is more than enough.

But how do the players and managers that are awarded the remaining votes not elect Strasburg? He’s already one of the top pitchers in the game and given how dominant he’s been so far, I’m shocked that the representatives for the NL didn’t vote him in. Don’t tell me it’s because not every team hasn’t had the opportunity to face him yet, seeing as how word travels faster around Major League Baseball than it does between a pack of high school girls.

It’s also baffling that the league has such a recognizable piece in Strasburg and he’ll be nowhere near Angel Stadium on July 13 when baseball could have marketed the event around him. Do you know how many diehard and causal fans alike would have tuned in just for the possibility that Strasburg would face Derek Jeter, Joe Mauer or Evan Longoria?

What a massively blown opportunity by both the NL and MLB.

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