Bill Simmons rips Stephen A. Smith

Before free agency started, Stephen A. Smith reported that a LeBron/Wade/Bosh combo in Miami was pretty much a done deal.

As everyone knows, I reported last week on my morning drive show on Fox Sports Radio that LeBron James would join Dwayne Wade in Miami and take Chris Bosh with him to join the Heat.

Now, of course, that trio joining forces in Miami doesn’t seem to have legs, and Bill Simmons had some fun at Smith’s expense on his Twitter feed:

Stephen A. Smith is reporting that Stephen A. Smith’s report was incorrect.

Oldest trick in book: Report something is done, and if you’re wrong, claim it WAS done but something last minute derailed it. Child please.

What is Simmons talking about? Here’s what Smith said ‘derailed’ the deal:

At the moment, that is still very possible, but there’s been a potentially huge monkey wrench thrown into the equation — with (understandable) greed on the part of Bosh being the main culprit.

It was shocking news at the time, so it’s not a huge surprise that the report seems to have fallen apart at the seams.

What’s interesting is that Simmons has been silent on Dan Le Batard’s report that there was a trade in place bringing Chris Bosh to Miami.

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