‘World Wide Wes’ won’t be at LeBron’s meetings

There has been a lot of talk about William ‘World Wide Wes’ Wesley lately, especially his assertion that LeBron and Chris Bosh are headed to the Bulls, but it appears that he will not be attending tomorrow’s free agency meetings that LeBron is holding in Ohio.

But Maverick Carter, James’s longtime business manager, said Tuesday that Wesley would not play a role in James’s deliberations and would not be present as various teams visit his client in Ohio.

“All the Wes rumors are untrue and he will not be at the meetings,” Carter said. “Wes has nothing to do with where he goes.”

James, Carter and James’s agent, Leon Rose, are scheduled to be at the meetings, which are expected to begin shortly after the free-agency period officially starts at 12:01 a.m. Thursday. James is expected to meet with the Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat and the Nets and Knicks.

Maybe there is some dissension within LeBron’s camp.

If anything, this would indicate that the LeBron-to-Chicago rumors were probably overblown, and the other teams on LeBron’s list all still have a puncher’s chance of signing him. In fact, a source close to LeBron told the Plain Dealer that the Cavs still have the edge.

But if that’s the case, why doesn’t LeBron come out and say he wants to stay in Cleveland like Dwyane Wade did with the Heat? Is it because the Cavs have no salary cap flexibility and can’t quickly reshape the roster?

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