How World Wide Wes’s agenda affects LeBron

Adrian Wojnarowski writes that ‘World Wide Wes’ wants LeBron out of Cleveland…badly.

For basketball’s biggest dealmaker, there’s little personal benefit to James re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. To team executives in the chase and those familiar with the dynamics of James’ inner circle, World Wide Wes’ agenda is clear: Get LeBron out of Cleveland and push himself into a prominent place of power.

To be considered the architect of the sport’s grandest transaction, World Wide Wes needs James out of the clutches of the Cavaliers.

“If LeBron leaves, Wes is going to get carte blanche wherever he signs,” one source told Yahoo! Sports. “He’s going to have the run of the place, and he doesn’t have that in Cleveland. He has access there, but Maverick Carter is the guy with the keys there. …[Carter’s] much more influential, and would always be in Cleveland.”

This is the push and pull on the inside of Team LeBron, sources say – agendas colliding in self-interest as the start of free agency creeps closer on Thursday. In the end, James is too strong to let someone else make a decision for him, but there remains strong influences deeply immersed in this process with him.

Wojnarowski goes on to say that Carter and the rest of LeBron’s childhood crew have tremendous stature in Cleveland that probably won’t be the case if LeBron signs elsewhere. This may be why World Wide Wes has been telling people that LeBron and Chris Bosh are going to Chicago, even though they took the time to meet with Dwyane Wade in South Florida about joining forces in Miami.

If there is indeed an internal struggle going on within LeBron’s camp, it may explain why the messages have been so mixed.

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