Rangers talking to Astros about Oswalt?

Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk reported Monday evening that the Rangers and Astros were in discussions about pitcher Roy Oswalt. Calcaterra said that a major league source told him that the teams are “getting closer” to having a deal in place, although the sticking point was whether or not the Rangers could convince MLB to allow them to take on Oswalt’s salary.

Shortly after Calcaterra’s report started making its rounds, the Fort Wayne Star Telegram debunked the rumor by saying there was no truth to it. The paper even quoted Texas GM Jon Daniels who said, “You can probably figure this one out,” in reference to the trade rumor being false.

Calcaterra is standing by his report, although he tries to clarify things in an update by saying, “there is a difference between a deal happening and one being discussed.” He also acknowledged multiple times that the Rangers will have an “outrageously” difficult time completing a deal due to their financial constraints.

Three weeks ago, I myself speculated about whether or not the Rangers would be a good fit for Oswalt. Seeing as how they a) were a contender, b) needed pitching and c) had the farm pieces to swing a deal, that they made a logical trade partner for the Astros. But as Calcaterra and other media outlets have noted, the Rangers have some major financial hurdles to overcome.

We’ll just have to play the waiting game on this one. While Daniels’ comments make you believe a deal will never happen, this wouldn’t be the first time a GM is being coy about a trade rumor. I still think this story has legs.

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