McNabb apologizes to Eagle fans for not winning a Super Bowl

Donovan McNabb is sorry that he didn’t win you a Super Bowl, Eagle fans.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The things that I set out to accomplish and bring back to Philadelphia, I wasn’t able to, and I apologize, more than anything, to the people of Philadelphia, not bringing a Super Bowl to ’em, but it didn’t happen, and I look forward to trying to achieve that goal here in Washington,” McNabb said, the most explicit regret he has expressed.

Asked about his legacy, the Eagles’ all-time leading passer reiterated what he said at his introductory press conference in Washington, five weeks back. He said he hoped he would be remembered as “a guy who provided excitement, who gave them a chance to win every time he stepped out on the field, one that they had trust, knowing that I would do the right things, an most importantly, one that won ballgames.”

Some in Philadelphia feel as though McNabb is a phony. That he gives the appearance of someone who cares, but when push came to shove (especially in the playoffs with everything on the line), his dedication wasn’t there.

The quarterback will always be the most scrutinized. That’s because they make the most money, have the most responsibility and always get the ball first. They essentially have the ability to win and lose games by their play and some Eagle fans will never forgive McNabb for not winning the big one when he was on the doorstep so many times.

But the fact of the matter is that football is, and always will be, a team game. To hold one player responsible (even the quarterback) for wins and losses is asinine. It often takes a full 53-man roster and every member of the coaching staff to win Super Bowls. For whatever reason, the Eagles could never do that with McNabb under center and to think that some fans hold him responsible for the team’s failures over the years is rather humorous.

Whether his apology was sincere or a front, McNabb doesn’t owe Philadelphia anything. Players win and lose as a team.

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