Broncos take big risk in Tim Tebow

I’ve given it a day. I’ve tried to see it from their point of view and play devil’s advocate. I’ve allowed things to sink in and tried to look at the decision from a couple of different angles.

It didn’t help. I still have no idea what the hell the Broncos were thinking when they traded three picks in order to draft Tim Tebow with the 25th overall pick in Thursday night’s first round.

Make no mistake: the Broncos drafted Tebow to be their starting quarterback of the future, despite the fact that they traded for Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn in each of the last two offseasons. They want him to eventually become their No. 1 guy and considering what they gave up for him, he better pan out as a quarterback or else the words “epic failure” will come to mind when this trade is reviewed in the future.

Regardless of whether or not you believe Tebow can be a NFL quarterback is irreverent. The Broncos gave up three draft picks (a second, a third and a fourth) in order to select him where they did, meaning they gave up three potential starters for the former Heisman winner. Teams don’t give up that kind of compensation and deem the trade a success unless that player turns out to be special. That means if Tebow turns out to be an H-back or a Wild Card specialist, then Denver wasted three picks on a role player.

I realize that the entire NFL draft is a crapshoot and teams take risks all the time when it comes to trading up for players. But there’s no doubt that Tebow was one of the riskiest prospects in the draft and the Broncos mortgaged some of their future in hopes that he’ll develop. Considering all of the warning signs that surrounded him coming into the draft, if he doesn’t pan out then the Broncos have opened themselves up for criticism for years to come.

Granted, the picks aren’t that big of a deal seeing as how the Broncos had acquired them in other trades. They still have selections in the second and third rounds, so it’s not as if they don’t have anything of value the rest of the draft.

But that’s not the point. That’s like saying, “Well, it wasn’t my money to begin with” when you win money at the blackjack tables and then immediately give it back to the house. No moron, that was still your money. You were in possession of it – it was yours, not the houses. The same can be said for the Broncos and those picks. They acquired them – they were theirs, so they better get proper value in return for giving them up.

The bottom line is that the Broncos paid a steep price to draft Tebow. He better produce as a quarterback.

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